Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019 – ICT Startup Award Promote Outstanding Hong Kong ICT Startups Enhance Local ICT Technique Applications

(Hong Kong – 4th April 2019) Aiming at recognising and promoting outstanding information and communications technology inventions and applications, thereby encouraging innovation and excellence among Hong Kong’s ICT talents and enterprises, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019 – ICT Startup Award presentation ceremony, organised by the Rotary Club of The HUB Hong Kong and steered by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), was held today at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Promote Local Startups for Bringing New Opportunities to Hong Kong
ICT Startup Award aims at discovering and recognising the outstanding local ICTstartup companies which focus on Hardware & Devices, Social Impact and Software & Apps. With the innovation and creativity in ICT, functionality, performance, quality, benefits and impact, adjudicators discover potential ICT startups and products. Meanwhile, having an ideal platform for Hong Kong startup entrepreneurs, The Rotary Club of The HUB Hong Kong recommends outstanding ICT startups to Rotary Clubs and investors in Hong Kong and Mainland China to obtain investment funding.
Demonstrate the Excellence of HK Startups and Contribute to Smart City Development
“The Rotary Club of The HUB Hong Kong is honoured to be appointed by OGCIO as the leading organizer of the ICT Startup Award for the first time, with our aim to promote the excellent works of HK startups through ICT Startup Award, and thus contributes in promoting Hong Kong’s economy. We are pleased to see the entries this year demonstrated the spirit of Hong Kong entrepreneurship by building a vibrant and sustainable ICT start-up ecosystem. I am confident that the innovative technologies and projects by these startups will contribute greatly to the smart city development in Hong Kong and improve the quality of life of our residents,” stated Mr. Sunny Chen, President of the Rotary Club of The HUB Hong Kong.
ICT Startup Award features Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certificate of Merit in three main streams:
• Hardware & Devices
• Social Impact
• Software & Apps
The Grand Award and ICT Startup (Hardware & Devices) Gold Award was presented to Roborn Dynamics Ltd. Their Motion Control Humanoid Robot quickly recognises human motions and mimic them in an instant. The high performance robotic arm got hand and fingers controllable by humans with precision from a distance, allowing it to be operated in areas that are dangerous or difficult for humans to reach. A camera is installed inside the robot’s head to capture instant image for the operator to view the surroundings. Currently, the robot and its algorithms are deployed in risky and demanding jobs such as search-and-rescue missions, bomb disposal, factory automation etc.
ICT Startup (Social Impact) Gold Award went to MagiCube Limited. MagiCube Limited is formed by a team of educators and programmers who aspire to promote teaching and learning by educational technology. The ability to combine pedagogy, technology and exciting new ideas is the core competence of MagiCube, which leads to the birth of Una, an online platform that creates the most convenient learning experience for teachers and students. Being a teaching and learning platform specifically designed to promote STEM education, Una provides teaching materials and supports Microsoft MakeCode to drive common hardware for STEM education such as micro:bit. These diverse features will boost students’ learning motivation in class, training them with problem-solving and leadership skills, while lessening teachers’ workload in lesson preparation and in-class supervision. Una’s design also caters to students who are underperforming due to individual learning diversity.
ICT Startup (Software & Apps) Gold Award went to Godzpeed Autosport Holdings Limited, which was founded in 2016 by a group of simulation software experts and Motorsport insiders. Based on professional automotive simulation technologies, Godzpeed created an eSport platform for EVERYBODY that covers both learning, training, entertainment, social, live broadcast. The system is also capable of collecting mass amounts of data for further technological development. Combining real sport with digital entertainment, Godzpeed has trained numerous candidates for Motorsport with remarkable results, and successfully connected eSport with real sport.
Hong Kong ICT Award 2019 – ICT Startup Award Winner List
ICT Startup Grand Award Roborn Dynamics Ltd.
Hardware & Devices
Gold Award Roborn Dynamics Ltd.
Bronze Award BNET-TECH Company Limited
Bronze Award Cha Cha Station (Global) Holdings Limited
Social Impact
Gold Award MagiCube Limited
Silver Award Carbon World Limited
Bronze Award AI Farming Technology Limited
Software & Apps
Gold Award Godzpeed Autosport Holdings Limited
Silver Award VAR LIVE International Limited
Bronze Award OneDegree Hong Kong Limited
Certificate of Merit MediConCen Limited
Certificate of Merit Qupital Limited
Photos Link:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bm4HYUCX-DicDUdEWtNKASUMKR6AQ3Zv


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