– One-Stop Renovation Service and Digital Platform, Receives 8-Digit Hong Kong Dollar Funding In Pre-A Round of Financing

Hong Kong, 10 December 2018, a Hong Kong based company focused on digitalizing and simplifying the traditional renovation industry, announced that it has raised an 8-Digit Hong Kong Dollar Funding in October, valuing the company at 50 Million Hong Kong Dollar. Investors involved were well known Hong Kong based property developers and entrepreneurs. The funding will allow the company to further its mission as the one-stop online renovation platform. co-founder and COO, Andy Lau, proclaims: “the new funds will be used to expand the market penetration of our business and to accelerate the automation of the renovation platform.” With this investment, will actively make use of its strategic collaboration with investors to expand its O2O (online to offline) services within the Hong Kong market, and to consolidate its subsidiary engineering companies, online web store HKDecoMall, and its educational website with the one-stop service, so as to strengthen its position as the leader of the renovation market ecosystem. Once has completed its resource integration with investors both locally and internationally, and has upgraded its products, its next step would be to focus on promoting the platform in greater China and South East Asian regions. Recognizing the pitfalls of an opaque renovation market,’s website was set up three years ago to overcome these challenges by offering a one-stop solution to homeowners with engineer-matching and consultancy services. Once information of the renovation unit is entered into the system, a consultant will follow-up on the user’s requests within 12 hours (according to his/her design preferences, budget and location). Based on the request,’s experienced team of consultants will select up to three companies for the user and a specialist will monitor progress during renovation. has a transparent system in place which monitors and rates the renovation companies on the website. Up until now more than 1,500 renovation companies have registered on the website throughout Hong Kong. The company’s online platform, HKDecoMall, is a web store for electronic DIY tools and building materials. It supplies comprehensive service and quality assurance to users. In addition, all goods are delivered directly from the factory and there will be staff to help users with inquiries.

Education cares about education and instilling practical renovation knowledge to the general public. Therefore the website has produced over 700 tutorial videos, established educational website, and published the “Renovation Anti-Scam Manual”, popularizing renovation knowledge. These two websites have accumulated over 100,000 followers respectively.

HKDecoBar has also set up a new concept bar known as the HKDecoBar, located at Room 303, 3/F, Global Gateway Tower, 63 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. HKDecoBar is open for users of the website as well as for the renovation companies registered on the website.

HKDecoBar aims to be Hong Kong’s largest renovation experience center in the renovation industry, by offering the following functions:

HKDeco Education Centre Renovation-related courses are offered at the HKDecoBar every month. For example, a concentrated one-day DIY home maintenance course and a user- targeted anti-scam course, which concisely describes areas to be cautious of in renovation.

Hong Kong DIY Base Equipped with a tools trial-use area, the facility is built from a consumer’s point of view. There is a wide range of tools available; for example, there is a wide selection of electric drills.

Renovation/Maintenance Material Mall From the floors to the walls, HKDecoBar is stocked with various brands of renovation materials, parts and tools. For instance, there are ten different brands and types of flooring, each paired with a QR code which connects the user to HKDecoMall’s online shop for a quicker and more convenient shopping experience.

HKDeco Technician’s Corner The outdoor space has a number of home display areas, such as life sized Lego styling cubes, which can be arbitrarily stacked into different shapes of furniture simulating the space users have in mind. The space also offers complimentary beer and a physical platform for renovators and consumers to exchange ideas.

The Three Musketeers is a partnership of three elites from different sectors. Combining digital marketing and renovation expertise, a new mission statement is bestowed unto as it leads a traditional industry into the digital age.

Benny Liu The founder of’s website is also a senior digital marketing entrepreneur. He was the head of several online platforms; he was the Chief Operating Officer of ChineseAN and Chief Digital Consultant -HKSE:0888 for RoadShow Holdings Limited. In 2012, he won the Red Herring Top 100 Red Herring Award in Asia. Later in 2015, while at ChineseAN, he secured an asset injection from Asia’s leading Internet corporation – GMO Internet Group.

Andy Lau A former Hong Kong Rugby Youth Athletes Scholarship winner, Andy has multiple years of interior design and renovation product sales experience with clients such as China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited and hotel developers. He spent 13 years as the owner of an engineering company, working mainly on project management, building materials trade and sales.

Simon Tang Simon is the Hong Kong anti-renovation-scam expert and the head of He has shared over 1,000 anti-renovation-scam posts, published the “Renovation Anti-Scam Manual” in 2015, and created a Facebook page called fb.fuklopedia (which directly translates to “Renovation Scam Encyclopedia’’ in Chinese) which has around 50,000 followers. In the past 3 years, Simon has taught over 120 cohorts of “Anti-Renovation-Scam Course” and the “Home Maintenance DIY Course”. He is active in the community as well as in online lectures and has accumulated over 10,000 students. Since 2018, Simon has been promoting the “Renovation Contract Certification System” to establish standards for homeowners and the industry, to fill gaps in laws and regulations, and to encourage both parties to establish civilized and efficient dispute resolution clauses.

About is a HK based startup focused on transforming the traditional home renovation industry by offering homeowners engineer-matching and consultancy services through its website. carefully rates and selects renovation companies and employs specialists to monitor the renovation progress. In addition has also set up online platform HKDecoMall (, a web store for electronic DIY tools and building materials, providing comprehensive service and quality assurance to users.

Passionate about educating the public about the renovation industry, open office and bar HKDecoBar offers a physical space where users of the website and renovation companies can test tools, attend educational courses or exchange ideas. also offers their vast knowledge about renovating online via their educational website has been backed by large players in the property industry and is currently valued at 50 Million Hong Kong Dollars.

HKDecoBar is located at Room 303, 3/F, Global Gateway Tower, 63 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 12pm – 6pm
Enquiry number: +852 3500 5353


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