Hatio plays its part to help SMEs strengthen and build resilience during Covid-19 pandemic ; Digital warehousing solutions provider offers RM3.5 million worth of subsidy

Hatio plays its part to help SMEs strengthen and build resilience during Covid

Hatio plays its part to help SMEs strengthen and build resilience during Covid-19 pandemic Digital warehousing solutions provider offers RM3.5 million worth of subsidy

Digital warehousing solutions provider, Hatio, affirms its commitment to help and support SMEs in their digital transformation journey through this on-going crisis. Opportunity for SMEs to prioritize and fast-track their digital agenda with a powerful yet affordable technology. Subsidy initiative includes an intuitive and cloud-based warehouse management software that is easy-to-use, collaborative, and deployable within 72 hours.

Malaysia, 19 May 2020 – Amidst globalization and technological advances, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia are exploring and tapping into digital technologies to enhance their competitiveness and resilience. SME Corp Malaysia reported that even though SMEs are receptive to using digital technologies to enhance their business in general, they are still not availing themselves of digitalization enablers such as the right technology that will optimize for their business operations and processes.

Recent events, most notably Covid-19, have demonstrated how our businesses’ supply chains can be vulnerable to any sort of disruption – be it economic, political, or human. Business of all sizes and complexity need to fully understand the risks inherent and consider how they can respond decisively and proportionately to meet the emerging challenges in their supply chain and logistics.

Digital warehousing solutions provider, HATIO, today introduced its RM3.5 million Covid-19 Recovery Assist Initiative to help SMEs fast-track their digital agenda and execution.

Supply chain and logistics business owners who successfully sign up for Hatio’s subsidy initiative will have access to its proprietary cloud-based, warehouse management software (WMS) that will help them manage, optimize and automate their logistics operations remotely. The software’s seamless end-to-end integration allows real-time visibility of their inventory, with the ability to scale into the future as the business grows. Hatio’s in-house warehouse experts will also provide consultations and trainings on optimizing warehouse operations.

Bernard Hor, co-founder and group Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Hatio, said that the company understand the current predicament SMEs are facing. Hence as a relatively young SME itself in Malaysia, it is proactively doubling down its investment by providing the RM3.5 million subsidy to support its SME peers to transition and stay ahead with the digital economy during this challenging times.

“The call for SMEs to digitize has been around for a while now, but many Malaysian logistics and warehouse owners still continue using legacy methods and have yet to digitize their logistic processes. The economic impact brought about by Covid-19 is a wake-up call for businesses to reprioritize digitization in their supply chain and logistics by embracing the right technology that is robust, easy-to-operate, seamless, collaborative and most importantly, affordable.”

“Supply chain and logistics business owners are looking into ways to sustain and future proof their business. This would be the best time to relook into their strategies and priorities and accelerate their plans to implement the right technology in place. We believe that our Recovery Assistance Initiative will give them a powerful tool and an extremely affordable head start in their journey to digitize and build resiliency in their supply chain & logistics operations,” said Hor.

Hatio announced its official establishment of operations in Malaysia in 2019. With over 35 years of experience in South Korea’s supply chain and logistics industry, and having contributed towards the success and enhanced profitability with some of the largest brands in the region, Hatio aspires to share its wealth of practical experiences and know-how with the industry and take it to the next level.

Learn more about Hatio’s Recovery Assistance Initiative at www.hatio.my, call +6016-284 2818, or email at digital@hatio.my.

About Hatio

Nam Sang Hyeok established HatioLab (KR) in South Korea in 2012 with a pioneer team of 20 employees. Its Malaysia headquarters was set up in 2019 as a joint venture with the parent company to meet the growing needs of supply and logistics providers in Malaysia and the greater Southeast Asia market.

Hatio has a vision to reimagine the supply chain and logistics industry as a whole by offering a transparent, scalable and sustainable supply chain and logistics solution capable of meeting the unique requirements of logistics providers of all sizes. Its innovative intralogistics solutions are currently in use by a number of the largest trading and shipping organisations in Korea including iHerb.com, the Lazada Group, CJ Logistics, Huawei, Amore Pacific and more. For more information, visit www.hatio.my.


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