HappyShappy launches ‘Universal Shopping Cart’ feature, now serving Indian consumers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience

Wednesday, 18th Sep 2019, New Delhi – Delhi-based tech startup, HappyShappy today confirmed the recent launch of its ‘Universal Shopping Cart’ feature accessible via its flagship product the HappyShapp app. The technology enables a multi-retailer checkout, also referred to as universal checkout and effectively serves an engaging, scalable solution that streamlines shopping from multiple retail platforms into a single checkout.
HappyShappy is a mobile-first discovery platform that has found its place serving Indian consumers with inspiring ideas, creative images, unique products and daily horoscope. The platform provides quality content across a broad spectrum of categories, ranging from the popular (fashion, beauty, jewellery & gifts) to the lesser-searched (office décor, eco-friendly items, comics & pet-supplies). The startup bridges the gap between a vast network of vendors comprising of 770 home-grown brands offering never-before-seen goods and a fast-growing community of smart consumers.
Within a span of a few years, HappyShappy has witnessed a prodigious growth in Indian social commerce space. Taking a customer-centric approach, the startup has now launched a ‘Universal Shopping Cart’ feature that leverages the potential of artificial intelligence, visual aesthetics and consumer behaviour analysis, to innovate an optimized purchase journey. When users discover products they love from an e-commerce site, they can bring them to HappyShappy in two clicks – without logging into those multiple retail sites and without breaking their shopping experience on that site. Acting as a shopping search engine, it reduces friction, decreases scrolls and replaces hundreds of bookmarks, all of which result in a smarter and effortless buying experience.
Says Nitin Sood, Founder & CEO of HappyShappy “This technology is one of the ways we are keeping pace with the modern shoppers’ broadening and changing expectations from the ecommerce industry. We believe that in today’s micro-moments era, the average consumer deserves a e-commerce platform that provides shorter checkout times, lesser taps and a streamlined product feed that makes buying enjoyable. Such conveniences will delineate and encourage shoppers to get what they need instead of what they get.”
The new technology marks an interesting shift in the power dynamic from brand to technology as a driver of consumer behaviour. “There are several factors that have marred the contemporary shopping experience. We’re all too familiar with the overabundance of mass-produced goods, the pressure of cart timeout, the lure of promo codes and discounts, the unnecessary pressure via cart timeout and the absence of easy access to off-beat items. We aim to remove all such ‘noise’ and make shopping a fun-filled activity. The Universal Shopping Cart will enable a balanced, two-way engagement between brands and consumers by making the digital shopping experience more conversational, convenient and personalized” shares Sana Sood, Co-founder & Creative Head of HappyShappy.
The HappyShappy app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.
Note for Editors:-
HappyShappy is a discovery platform for India’s best ideas and favourite products and is also a universal shopping cart for all the things you love from anywhere else on the web. HappyShappy celebrates the best of India’s homegrown brands and provides consumers with a variety of content across 20+ categories – fashion, gifting, beauty, food, decor, jewellery, weddings and more. By bridging the gap between users who enjoy amazing inspiration and unique products, and sellers who want to reach relevant customers on an aesthetic platform, HappyShappy is making India much happier, one app at a time. To learn more about HappyShappy, check out the business profile below or visit https://www.happyshappy.com/


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