Garage Society Announced Its New Venture New Spaces To Be Open Throughout India

Yesterday, Garage Society celebrated with members and partners for the pre-opening of its newest bespoke office and co-working space located in Gurgaon, a city outside the Indian capital New Delhi, which has been scheduled to open end of October 2018.

Garage Gurgaon will be the company’s debut in India, after Hong Kong, Makati, Phuket and Siem Reap. The expansion plans in India continues with another site to be launched in December 2018, and at least 8 more locations next year across India.

Key players driving connectivity between the India, Hong Kong and China startup and business ecosystems were invited to speak at today’s event, including Syed Musheer Ahmed (General Manager of India Tech Hong Kong) and Alan Rosling CBE (strategic advisors for India-related international companies), sharing their professional insight on the Indian enterprises and co-working ecosystem along with Elaine Tsung (Founder and CEO of Garage Society) and Prashant Garg (Country Manager of Garage Society, India).

“As economic reforms pick up pace, India’s GDP has continued to grow. A lot of multinational corporations are expanding into and within India, which has fueled the demand for commercial real estate. Their workforce love what co-working spaces like Garage Society offer to them. There is also a very large young workforce with strong innovative minds, so we are also seeing many startups and technology companies there. Overall, there is strong demand and with the support of strong partners and investors, we are excited to expand into India, our next strategic investment market.” Elaine Tsung, Founder and CEO of Garage Society said.

“Really excited to join Garage family to lead its foray into one of the most promising and fast-growing co-working markets in the world. Co-working in India today will almost reach 10% of total office absorption by end of this year which makes this a prominent space taker in commercial real estate.” Prashant Garg, Country Manager of Garage Society, India, said at the event.

Garage Gurgaon key facts

  • Newest bespoke office and co-working space of Garage Society

  • Located in India’s largest integrated business district

  • 20,000 sq. ft. space offering 275 seats

  • 24-hour gym facilities

  • Easy access to retail amenities

  • Easy commute to/from airports

Garage Gurgaon address: 5/F, Tower C, Cyber Greens, DLF CyberCity, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India

  (From left to right) Speakers at the event: Prashant Garg, Alan Rosling CBE and Syed Musheer Ahmed; moderated by James Bernado, Programme Director of Garage Society
(From left to right) Speakers at the event: Prashant Garg, Alan Rosling CBE and Syed Musheer Ahmed; moderated by James Bernado, Programme Director of Garage Society

  At the event
At the event

  Garage Gurgaon space/building teaser photo
Garage Gurgaon space/building teaser photo

About Garage Gurgaon Conveniently situated in India’s largest integrated business district DLF CyberCity Gurgaon, which hosts local offices for more than 250 Fortune 500 companies, Garage Gurgaon occupies an entire floor of 20,000 sq. ft. offering 275 seats in total for both multinational corporations and the new generation workforce. In addition to the full-scope services, this tech savvy workspace grants its members access to the retail amenities and 24-hour gym facilities within the building campus, encouraging work-life balance whilst boosting productivity and creativity. Both the domestic and international airports are well connected for ease of mobility among the globetrotting members. Garage Gurgaon not only acts as a flexible workspace to help steady growth of all businesses, it creates a supportive and collaborative community among corporates, entrepreneurs and startups to cultivate original ideas and nurture talents.

About Garage Society Founded in 2014, Garage Society is a community operator for the new generation workforce with four co-working spaces in prime locations in Hong Kong and another four locations in Asia. To foster a community where like-minded people can work, live, learn and grow through sharing and collaboration, we offer flexible workspace solutions to meet the changing requirements of the modern workforce while providing support through industry focused events, hiring and internships as well as investment placement. We also facilitate and promote collaboration opportunities through our online community platform and we are committed to being a responsible business through our ethical approach and CSR initiatives. Garage Society is home to international startups, innovative entrepreneurs and modern corporates. We continue to grow with our multinational team and members across Asia.


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