Flipkart Introduces AI-Powered “Flipkart Commerce Cloud” for Global Retailers

Flipkart Introduces AI-Powered

From handling inventory to determining pricing strategies, Flipkart’s Commerce Cloud is setting new standards.

Flipkart, a prominent e-commerce platform in India, recently unveiled the “Flipkart Commerce Cloud”. This comprehensive system provides state-of-the-art retail tech solutions for global retailers, online marketplaces and e-commerce entities. The initiative is grounded in Flipkart’s rich experience, utilizing over a decade’s worth of technological and industry knowledge.

The “Flipkart Commerce Cloud” is designed to provide international retailers with a diverse set of solutions, encompassing inventory management, pricing strategies and forecasting, to name a few. A distinctive feature of this platform is its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Each solution is optimized for peak performance and scalability and undergoes daily tests on Flipkart’s platform.

Moreover, the “Flipkart Commerce Cloud” has already established a global footprint, catering to clients in diverse regions including North America, South America, MENA, Africa and Europe.

Flipkart’s perspective

Anand Lakshminarayanan, Senior Vice President of Shopping Experiences and Commerce Cloud at Flipkart, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation. He highlighted that Flipkart has been a pioneer in the Indian e-commerce realm, constantly pushing boundaries. Their latest venture, the “Flipkart Commerce Cloud”, is a manifestation of this spirit and a nod to the “Made in India” narrative. They believe the technology developed for India’s unique market can now serve the global retail landscape.

Meeting the omnichannel demand

The shift towards omnichannel distribution is apparent worldwide. Retailers are on the lookout for tech solutions that can amplify their online presence and sales. Flipkart’s new platform promises to meet this need by offering technologies that promote operational efficiency, profitability and personalized user experiences.

Spotlight on Flipkart Commerce Cloud’s Offerings

1. Marketplace technology stack

This comprehensive service facilitates retailers in launching or expanding their online marketplace. It encompasses over 40 plug-and-play components such as catalog, personalization, order management system (OMS) and seller management, among others. The goal is to streamline and elevate the online retail experience.

2. Retail media solution

A uniquely constructed advertising engine, this solution is rooted in understanding online shopping behaviors. By leveraging advanced AI/ML algorithms, it places tailored ads based on users’ shopping intents. Several global retailers have already benefited from this offering.

3. Retail pricing manager

A cloud-based SaaS, this tool aids retailers in discerning competitive pricing strategies. By tracking and analyzing competitor pricing in real time and using ML to gauge price elasticity, the solution enhances pricing decisions for optimum profitability.

Flipkart’s legacy

In India, Flipkart boasts over 500 million registered users and a diverse portfolio of more than 150 million products spanning over 80 categories. Its emphasis on robust technological solutions has consistently empowered sellers and brands, ensuring a safe and efficient online trading environment.

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