Fitness App JomRun Celebrates Two Years of Keeping Malaysians Healthy

Fitness App JomRun Celebrates Two Years of Keeping Malaysians Healthy

Cyberjaya, 13th January 2020 – Running is one of the cheapest, most effective forms of physical activities, since people of all ages can do it, anytime and anywhere. With Malaysians being gastronomically spoilt for choice, running regularly is a good habit to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Championing healthy living through running, JomRun, a homegrown fitness app, was founded to cultivate a love for running among Malaysians. Currently the biggest ticketing portal for sporting events in Malaysia and serving half a million active users, JomRun celebrates its 2nd anniversary this week.

“We started JomRun to help cultivate a love for running among Malaysians and to promote unity through fitness. Over the last 2 years, we’re glad to have been able to encourage healthier lifestyles, while digitizing the running market here in Malaysia through accessible ticket sales,” says 23-year-old passionate runner turned founder and Chief Executive Officer of JomRun, Chang Yi Hern.

Since establishing in 2018, JomRun has grown its active user base from 10,000 to 500,000 with ticket sales reaching more than USD 1 million (approximately RM 5 million) per month. Onboarding more than 120 events a month, JomRun has also expanded its ticketing portal to host other mass participation sports like cycling, walking, duathlon, triathlons, on top of running.

In celebration of its 2nd year anniversary milestone, JomRun aims to bring its services across the region, and has already expanded to Indonesia recently. This move provides its 200 million citizens easier access to running events across their country. The ultimate goal for JomRun is to create a digital community of passionate runners, while introducing Malaysians and Indonesians to running events in both countries.

“Running is a great way to get fit, feel better and even form new connections with other runners. With so many running events being organized across Southeast Asia, JomRun sees a great opportunity to bring runners in this region together. We believe that there should be no borders in the sporting world,” adds Yi Hern.

With the fitness trend currently emerging in the Southeast Asian market, JomRun will also be launching the first ever Malaysian-made fitness wearable and an in-app marketplace for healthy snacks. With these new products, users will be able to eat healthy and track their progress as they continue to bring their passion for running to new heights.

Currently, JomRun has more than 200 trusted partners including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Yayasan TM, Sunway Iskandar, Subway, and Socar. Events previously hosted by JomRun include the Subway Breakfast Run, the Sunway Iskandar Night Half Marathon, the Xing Fu Tang Bubble Tea Fun Run, and tower runs like the Penang TOP International Tower Run and the Yayasan Telekom Tower Run. The most iconic event of 2019 was JomRun’s flagship event series- the Unicorn Fun Run, which has been successful in 40 locations across Malaysia.



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