First Deliveroo-owned Virtual Brand “Wing It” Launches in Hong Kong as virtual brands boom

Deliveroo, Hong Kong‘s leading food-delivery company, has today announced the arrival of “Wing It,” a virtual chicken wings brand developed and tested by the Deliveroo team in London. Renowned for bringing unique F&B concepts to the local market, Deliveroo selected Hong Kong to be the first place outside the UK to experience the Wing It brand. Wing It is licensed by Deliveroo to Cali-Mex Bar & Grill. Already eager to add wings to their menu offerings, Cali-Mex was impressed by Deliveroo’s concept and excited to launch the virtual brand from eight outlets as well as a specially designed catering menu.


Wing It is the latest non-brick-and-mortar food brand to be offered by Deliveroo, which is now home to over 300 virtual brands – bringing even more variety and delectable choice to hungry people in Hong Kong.


Always the trendsetter, Deliveroo is bringing Wing It to Hong Kong after two years of tremendous success in the UK. Beginning its operations in London, the menu, ingredients and recipes for Wing It were all developed by the Deliveroo central team, who then launched the brand inside six of Deliveroo’s UK Editions sites in September 2018. Due to the immense popularity and growing demand for new options, Deliveroo then helped Wing It develop and open five separate restaurant sites outside of Editions just six months later, in April 2019. Now, already a smash hit in Hong Kong, Wing It has sold over 15,000 wings, following 1,000+ orders across its eight Hong Kong outlets since soft launch in May.


Deliveroo is dedicated to working with partners to build and develop their own unique virtual brands, as well as nurturing new business opportunities by hosting Deliveroo’s own virtual brands.


When Deliveroo helps a partner to develop a Virtual Brand, it does so from scratch, developing everything from its name to recipes for its menu items. For partners, the company will provide:


● Exact recipes for specific items
● Ingredients to use for specific menu items and how to source them locally
● A training package for restaurants to run the brand and help in scoping out how the brand can be run from a specific kitchen
● Stress testing the product once launched to test food quality and the delivery service
● Branding and marketing support
● Identifying cuisine gaps in a specific area based on the company’s data insights, as well as advising on price points for specific items


Virtual kitchens are developed to provide Deliveroo’s high-value partners with a turn-key solution to grow revenue streams from their kitchens, with brands that have been proven and tested by Deliveroo’s experts, within the delivery-only brand development team.


Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “There has never been a more important time in Hong Kong to support our restaurant partners and introduce innovative new concepts to the city, as we overcome the recent challenges together. Collaborating with Cali-Mex was a no brainer for us – our new partner has inspired us with their drive to deliver high-quality dishes in Hong Kong. We’re proud to work alongside them for this exciting new venture. As a life-long Hong Konger, I know first-hand the city’s love affair with well-prepared and delicious chicken wings, so this was certainly an exciting project to be a part of!”


Jeff Moss, CEO of Cali-Mex Bar & Grill, said, “While Cali-Mex has offered Hong Kongers an expanded menu for some years now, we’re always eager to grow and whip up new offerings that we believe will match the taste palates of our customers. The past few months have forced us to rethink how we can offer an even more varied and delicious dining experience, so when Deliveroo approached us to partner with them for a virtual brand, we were sold almost immediately. We believe that no matter what the occasion is, wings always seem to be the answer! We are impressed by the initial results since the soft launch in May and we’re excited for the upcoming marketing and promotion campaigns as well as the catering offering to bring us to the next level.”


Already reaching sales numbers of over 15,000 chicken wings, Deliveroo expects to see an ongoing surge of orders in coming weeks, as the food delivery leader works alongside Cali-Mex to develop an exciting array of promotional and marketing strategies. Wing It is the latest among 100 different virtual brands to launch this year on Deliveroo’s app, adding to the existing 200 virtual brands on offer.


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