Fashion Farm Foundation leads Hong Kong Fashion Force to Shine in Paris

Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) has been preparing for the international fashion project HKFG (formerly known as Fashion Guerilla) since 2013. Committed to providing opportunities for young professionals in Hong Kong as well as promoting the local fashion industry, HKFG Paris AW20 is leading eight Hong Kong labels to Paris Fashion Week (PFW), namely ANAÏS JOURDEN, CYNTHIA & XIAO, FROM ANOTHER PLANETS, FromClothingOf, KA WA KEY, W;nk, YAH! And YEUNG CHIN, showcasing the talent and creativity of local fashion designers to international fashion buyers and media.

HKFG Paris AW20 Presentation is proudly listed on PFW Official Calendar for the first time selected by Fédération de la haute couture et de la Mode. FROM ANOTHER PLANETS and KA WA KEY will present their Autumn and Winter collections in the form of fashion presentations on the third day of PFW (26th February). ANAÏS JOURDEN, which is selected to be listed on PFW Official Calendar once again, will showcase this year’s collection on 1st March. HKFG has also sponsored all eight Hong Kong brands to join trade shows or showrooms, to foster their brand exposure and business opportunity during Paris Fashion Week.

Step Into the Virtual Fashion World; Escape From the Reality

FROM ANOTHER PLANETS would have its first-ever fashion presentation in Paris. The presentation is inspired by the science fiction movie READY PLAYER ONE. In the movie, people in 2045 use virtual reality software to escape the desolation of the real world. The designer tries to create an atmosphere of another place and time, where the guests can experience the mysterious space. Echoing the brand name, the presentation will make you feel like being on another planet which is weird, high-tech and surreal. Besides watching the show, audiences can also hear, smell and touch to experience the presentation, bringing everyone a multi-sensory experience.

Following the unprecedented success of its show at Paris Fashion Week SS19 and SS20, KA WA KEY will bring us an immersive performance with catwalk element in AW20. The presentation is inspired by the French fairy tale THE LITTLE PRINCE, echoing with the classic quote “It is only in the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” In this magical, romantic and sensuous show, different models have their characters and stories. The audience will take the role of the Little Prince walking through different characters and “planets”, so as to freely explore their imaginative world.

Local Brands Embark On the Green Path

Nowadays, the globe is putting an eye on environmental protection. Hong Kong’s fashion brands have incorporated sustainable elements into their designs to promote eco-fashion. In AW20 collection, the pieces of FromClothingOf have been halved. The designer will mix and match the pieces, creating different combinations of looks by limited clothing. AW20 is the tenth season of the series since the founding of the brand. Hence, the designer reflected on her brand, considering how many pieces of clothes the customers really need. Instead of just a change in seasonal trends, the brand hopes that every piece of clothing can be enhanced their own values and functions.

Apart from reducing, some brands choose to recycle discarded materials, giving a second life to used clothes. Designers of the retro brand YAH! collected different fabrics and vintage garments around the world, and reshaped a new clothing form through a reconstruction. The brand is committed to reinventing old clothes or undressed new clothes, or even adding the remaining materials as accessories to redesign unique fashion garment. The local jewellery brand W;nk embraces upcycling all along. Designers draw inspiration from the avalanche of plastic waste produced by people daily. By combining plastic bottles, and resin with pure gold, they create hand-sculpted pieces that are unique and poetic.

Over 30 Hong Kong labels set foot on the international stage

To raise the awareness of Hong Kong labels within the international fashion industry, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels sponsors FFF to host the HKFG Paris AW20 Reception on 26th February, 6-8 PM after the Fashion Presentations. The event serves as a platform for the eight local designers to connect, as well as introduce their latest AW20 collections to international fashion insiders, media and celebrities. At the same time, the designers will illustrate their brands and design concepts, to promote the Hong Kong fashion industry.

Supported and fully sponsored by Create Hong Kong, HKFG (formerly known as Fashion Guerilla) has been promoting local fashion talents to step onto the world stage since 2013. FFF then decided to station the program in Paris to have a consistent presence in one of the world’s major fashion events – Paris Fashion Week. In addition to Paris, FFF will also lead local design to Dubai on 8th April, to participate in the 10th Arab Fashion Week, exploring potential fashion markets in exotic places. It proves huge progress of HKFG in nurturing local labels and promoting industrial development.


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