eTail Asia to grow 30% in 2020, building a dynamic community of retail leaders

eTail Asia, widely celebrated as the number one annual gathering for retail changemakers, is focusing on the growth and evolution of online and omni- channel experiences. With growing attendance year on year, we are excited to move to a bigger and more luxurious venue, at the Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa from 3-5 March 2020.

The annual gathering of brands provide senior retailers heading eCommerce, digital marketing and customer experience a chance to hone their craft with the latest insights, while having the opportunity to have peer to peer discussions on the cutting edge of new technologies and solutions.

Consistently breaking ground in speaker lineups since its inaugural event in 2013, hear from over 100 inspiring, cross-industry speakers from Walt Disney, Amazon and Mont Blanc. Gain perspective from global relevance to regional focus and hyperlocalisation within each country.

eTail Asia identifies the biggest players in the retail market, engaging in crucial and valuable discussions to make insights easy to consume. Highly interactive sessions include country clinics of growing markets, real life case studies of winning brands and actionable takeaways through the ‘How to’ Digital Marketing & eCommerce roundtables, bringing the biggest value to attendees.

As the global appetite for luxury keeps growing, retailers can now look forward to a dedicated luxury track. Discussion around the driving forces shaping the market, navigating through the wave of digitalization and fundamental shifts in consumer buying patterns will redefine the luxury market.

“Over the years you see familiar faces coming back to meet industry peers and like-minded people, who get to exchange ideas and feedback as well as benchmark with the very best. The ever-growing eTail community is kept engaged with tons of discussions from different perspectives, “said Suhana Begum, event editor and producer of eTail Asia.

Dedicated on transforming retail in every way, eTail Asia forges long-term relationships between attendees through both the online and offline platform which eTail offers.

Helping retailers cut through the noise of the martech universe, we have carefully curated a safe and stress-free, peer to peer environment to evaluate over 30 solution providers. Join leading companies Dynamic Yield, Adyen and Riskified who will be present under one roof at the same time, a great time saving opportunity and perfect environment for collaborations.

“eTail Asia stands out as a unique conference because sponsors are empowered to coordinate their own 1-2-1 conversations with top level management who are there to network and solve their challenges”, said Ben DeRegt, Regional Partnership Head for eTail.

With power lying in the hands of consumers than ever before, eTail is set to propel the retail industry forward, with retailers forced to reinvent themselves and stay ahead of the competition. With a community that binds the whole ecosystem together, it’s THE event to share knowledge and form positive, long lasting relationships.

Ticket prices start at USD$1499 (early bird discount may apply) and are available for the 2 day main conference and technology evaluation day.

For media enquiries and further information, please contact:

Laura Danaraj Marketing Lead Tel: +65 67229497
Email: [email protected]

Suhana Begum
eTail Asia Conference Director Tel: +65 67229416
Email: [email protected]

About eTail
eTail Asia has evolved into that must attend event that not only showcases the key retail case studies and success stories but also a one stop meeting place for you to meet the top decision makers from Asia’s top 100 retailers and create, build and nurture meaningful relationships. Our conference is designed to provide actionable best practices that our attendees can put into practice now and can share within their organizations.

To view the full agenda or to learn more about speaking/sponsorship/exhibition opportunities at eTail Asia, please visit magazine&utm_medium=mediapartner&utm_campaign=-external-pressrelease&utm_term=agenda&utm_content=text&mac=21897.008_jsm_pr&disc=21897.008_jsm_pr

About WBR
WBR (Worldwide Business Research) is the world leader in B2B focused conference events. Founded in 1996, the company produces over 100 conferences yearly designed to offer the leaders of emerging and established companies across multiple industries with actionable insights, educational discussions, and networking opportunities to inform and transform how they do business now and in the future. The company also generates custom research to help companies educate the market on the latest developments and best practices. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @WBResearch.


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