Eaton HK has created a new Cabin FEVER Reliever work + dine package to alleviate work-from-home fatigue in a safe and clean environment at Eaton House.


Eaton House, Eaton HK’s design-driven and inclusive co-working space, provides guests with a range of options including private offices and hot desks, alongside captivating murals by Jan Curious, with the added bonus of a meal at one of the purpose-driven hotel’s F&B outlets.


For only HK$200, workers can snap up a Day Pass which includes access to Eaton House’s two floors, including a pantry, and a hearty set-lunch at Flower Years in Eaton HK’s Food Hall. Those who want total privacy may opt for day-time access to a private Eaton HK hotel room, equipped with a desk, for only an additional HK$400.


Workers looking for more seclusion for themselves or a duo can take advantage of a private office for two, which include a meal set for only $500per person combined. Groups of three and four will receive a meal each, plus office space for HK$700 and HK$900 respectively.


Gourmands may wish to upgrade their work + dine experience with a Michelin-starred dining experience at Yat Tung Heen or decadent buffet at The Astor which showcases quality cuisine from around the world.


Eaton House takes social distancing seriously. Hot desks are amply spaced to comply with government regulations. Temperature checks are conducted upon arrival, and regular cleaning ensures exceptional hygiene standards.


For enquiry, please call Eaton House (2710 1858) or visit


Eaton HK
Address: 380 Nathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2710 1828




Please download high resolution images from below link: –


About Eaton HK

Inspired by the gritty, retro nostalgia of its Kowloon neighbourhood, Jordan, Eaton HK inspires and nurtures the freedom of ideas by offering an inclusive gathering place for changemakers, creatives, and free thinkers to follow their bliss.


Eaton HK is the physical arm of Eaton Workshop, a new global purpose-driven company and creative lab from Katherine Lo at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness, and progressive social change. With distinct parts – Hotel, House, Media, Wellness, and Impact – Eaton transcends the notion of a traditional hotel to provide a physical, digital, and analogue platform to artists, activists, healers, and leaders in their pursuit of making the world a better place.


Located in an emerging Hong Kong artist community, Eaton HK offers a variety of resources for the community, including a public radio station, a contemporary art gallery, live music venue and bar, holistic healing experiences, a professional screening room, a members-only working club, sustainable food and drink options, private event spaces for meetings, conferences, weddings, and musical performances, a retail outpost, and more.


So much more than a hotel, Eaton HK is an incubator for arts and culture, a beacon for sustainability, a hub for impact initiatives, and a local connection to a global media platform.


About Eaton House


Eaton House is a dynamic take on the modern working club, providing the space, tools, and community to support social entrepreneurs, activists, and artists working to make the world a better place. As a core pillar under Eaton Workshop, a global purpose-driven company founded by Katherine Lo, Eaton House members hail from a variety of fields and are selected by a criteria based on a shared ethos and common cause: examining today’s world and conceiving of how we can make it better.


With locations in Downtown Washington, D.C., and Hong Kong’s Jordan neighborhood in Kowloon, Eaton House provides private, shared, and communal workspaces for brainstorming and collaborating in each Eaton hotel. Members will have access to a robust offering of exclusive programming, events, and networking, in addition to full access to each adjacent hotel’s hospitality offerings, including the hotel screening rooms and artist residency rooms, holistic wellness experiences, in-house Eaton Radio community stations, as well as preferred rates and pricing for guest rooms, food and beverage outlets, and other hotel offerings. Conceived of after extensive local research into what each city needs, every Eaton House will also provide a dedicated Creator’s Room that will fill a void in the local community by offering much-needed, and presently lacking, professional tools, such as large format printers and editing software, and resources for artists to bring to life their creative visions.


Eaton House HK Founding Members include renowned artist Stanley Wong; Vera Lui, founder and owner of Sally Coco, a sex positive store for women; Embrace Worldwide; and HKU Professor Petula Ho.


Current members include The Justice Centre, a human rights non-profit organization; startup fashion brands Daydream Nation and Mass Branded; and more. Past and current artists in residency include Holok Chen, an artist and self-proclaimed “hacktivist” focused on the local open source community; and Zheng Mahler, the duo composed of artist Royce Ng and anthropologist Daisy Bisenieks, focused on VR technology. During its soft opening phase, Eaton House HK has hosted a number of notable events focused on LGBTQ, women, migrants, waste and the environment, vegetarian cooking, experimental dance, and underground music, including: an emergency meeting about the proposed banned LGBT books in Hong Kong with the nonprofit Pink Dot; a screening of the River Blue documentary for Fashion Revolution Day; a psychedelic book reading; #MeToo discussions; and more.


Eaton House DC will open on October 1st 2018 following the hotel’s grand opening in late September.


About Eaton Workshop


Eaton Workshop is a global purpose-driven company and creative lab at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness, and progressive social change. Founded by Katherine Lo, whose vision is to reimagine a hotel as an inclusive gathering place for changemakers and creatives, Eaton consists of distinct parts—Hotel, House, Media, Wellness, and Impact.


Collectively, the pillars serve as an incubator for arts and culture, a beacon for sustainability, a hub for impact initiatives, a holistic healing centre, and a global media presence. Eaton’s first properties are now open in Downtown, Washington, D.C., and Hong Kong’s Jordan neighbourhood, with ensuing locations to arrive in San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto in the future. | Instagram: @EatonWorkshop


Media Contact
Katherine Amara PR
Katie Forster
[email protected]
(852) 6778 1803 / (852) 2157 1498


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