Eatology Offers $100 Discount for Hong Kongers to Combat Back To Work Blues

Premium tailor-made meal planner Eatology is now offering a “Back To Work” discount to all new registered clients from now until July 31st, simply enter “BTW2020” to enjoy $100 off for your first meal order! Forget about all the hustle and bustle of meal-preps after a long day of work and sink your teeth into a wide range of gourmet healthy meal plans including Gluten Free Low Carb, Keto Light and Vegan diets available at Eatology:


Gluten free Low Carb Meal Plan


We are surrounded by food with white carbs: white pasta, white bread, white rice, white potatoes, etc. You might want to have a better diet without all those refined carbs, but you experience uncomfortable feelings after having wheat products like pasta, bread, soy sauces? Give our no gluten diet plan a try, this may be your go-to diet!


Keto Light Meal Plan


For those who have heard about the Modified Atkins Diet, but is not quite sure if it’s for you, it’s the perfect opportunity to try and to lose weight! Modified Atkins Diet is less restrictive than a ketogenic diet, which provides a generous amount of protein and fat with a controlled amount of carbohydrates. Because this diet is using body fat as an energy source, your body will start to use the excess fat causing lasting weight loss results. It’s a great way to transit into a diet that is less dependent on processed foods. It’s not a diet for everyone, so before signing up, contact us and our health professionals would be happy to help.


Optimal Performance Meal Plan


For the ones who lead an active lifestyle and are committed to fitness, gym, sport, and training, our Optimal Performance program provides higher calorie and protein meals to help build muscles, boost energy levels throughout your workday and scrape off body fat with recipes designed by dietitians.


Vegan Meal Plan


Beat the daily struggle of sourcing meatless meals and enjoy choice picks from over 400 dishes and snacks, delivered daily. Packed with nutrients and perfectly balanced, our vegan menus go beyond salads to keep you satiated and healthy.


Asian Meal Plan


Traditional Asian diet is definitely one of the healthiest diets worldwide. The Asian food culture focuses on achieving a balance of different flavors and foods. It is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and low in saturated fat. It mostly incorporates vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes and is low in meat and dairy products. Our chefs and our nutritionist have gathered for you the best flavors from the historical diets of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and many other countries in the region. Try it and enjoy the food!


Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your food program at and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. Eatology is as simple as that!


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