Don’t just start a Podcast. Make an impact instead.

Podcasts are becoming more popular by the day. The highly personal nature of podcasts is making it an attractive medium, to connect with an engaged audience or even to build a community from scratch.
“When I first started #impact Podcast, I had zero contacts in the social impact space”, says #impact founder and creator Regina Larko, “it is thanks to my Podcast that I was able to build a thriving and growing community of collaborators, partners and clients in a very short amount of time.”
Looking at global trends, Podcasts are increasingly attracting listeners and advertisers alike.
It isn’t surprising then that more and more people – as well as brands – wonder if it is time for them to give Podcasting a try.
“My vision when I first started #impact Podcast has always been to get more marginalised voices heard, especially those that we usually don’t hear as loudly,” says #impact founder and TEDx speaker Regina Larko.
She launched her first Hong Kong based audio show #impact Podcast in spring 2017 and has been recognised for the stories on social impact and sustainability initiatives she shares with an engaged audience.
Less well known is that #impact has also supported many local Podcasters in Hong Kong to get their show off the ground.
“It’s been such a rewarding experience to see others bring their Podcast vision to life and empower them to get their stories heard too,” says #impact founder Regina Larko.
Now #impact supports even more people to find the courage and confidence, tools, resources and guidance to share their impactful messages with the world using the power of Podcasting.
“When I first started out, I wasted so much time doing things that were not relevant at that point of the Podcasting process. I wish I had a guide and mentor back then to give me a blueprint on how to get from A to B,” says Regina Larko.
With her newly launched Online Course and Mentorship programme she does just that: Guiding her students from not knowing where to start to having a clear plan and concept for their show, so it makes an impact from day 1.
Do you want to start a Podcast that makes an impact? Regina will show you how.

About Start your Podcast. Make an impact.
An Online 10-chapter course and mentorship programme that walks you step-by-step through creating and launching an impactful podcast and gives you the tools you need to keep a show going that establishes yourself as a leading voice that your audience will want to be connected and associated with!


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