DiDi Provides over 15,000 Work Opportunities for Military Veterans

DiDi Provides over 15,000 Work Opportunities for Military Veterans

(Beijing, March 31, 2020)-Today, Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”), the world’s leading mobile transportation and convenience platform, announced that it will provide over 15,000 work opportunities for military veterans in 2020, in an agreement signed online with the Chinese Ministry of Veterans Affairs.


Under this agreement, DiDi will offer 15,000 opportunities on its platform for veterans, including drivers of DiDi Luxe and DiDi Premier, as well as operations staff of DiDi Bike. Veterans can register in DiDi drivers’ app and apply for veteran status certification to join this project.


DiDi’s platform offers flexible work opportunities and additional income sources to tens of millions of ride-hailing drivers. Currently, 12% of DiDi drivers in China are military veterans. Data shows that over half of veteran drivers are between the ages of 22 and 39, and the majority of them have over 6 years of driving experience.


DiDi riders normally associate qualities such as reliability, honesty, helpfulness and friendliness with veteran drivers, whose 5-star service rating ratios exceed 95% based on DiDi’s statistic. In the recent fight against COVID-19, DiDi veteran drivers actively signed up as volunteers to serve DiDi’s special fleets for medical workers and communities.


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