Deliveroo Unveils New Tools To Help Restaurants Grow

Food Businesses In Hong Kong Can Now Improve Efficiencies And Profitability Through Order Insights

Hong Kong, 15 November 2018 – Deliveroo today announced the Hong Kong launch of two new tools for its restaurant partners – Restaurant Home, an online portal which will provide data and insights on how restaurants’ delivery services perform, and Marketer, a key part of Restaurant Home, which will enable restaurants to upload and tailor promotions.

Restaurants that partner with Deliveroo on average see their revenue increase by up to 30% and the company anticipates that the newly launched tools will see these figures increase even further.

Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “Innovation is in our blood and we are always on the lookout for new ways to support our riders, our partner restaurants, and the hungry people who depend on Deliveroo for a great meal delivered fast. The new tools now available in the Deliveroo arsenal will help our restaurant partners to improve their offerings and drive new efficiencies and profits, in turn benefitting our riders and end customers.”

Restaurant Home

Through Restaurant Home, Deliveroo will offer the following data insights:

Delivered orders, to increase delivered orders

  • Shows the total number of delivered orders and the percentage change over a time period

Prep time, to speed up delivery times

  • Shows the average time between order acceptance and rider pickup

  • Shows the percentage change in prep time over a time period as well as competitors’ average prep time in a local area

Order ratings, to improve overall service

  • Shows a line graph of the average customer order rating per day over a time period, as well as how this compares to competitors in a local area

Nick Lo, owner of Hong Kong restaurant So Far So Good (蘇花餐室), said, “Restaurant Home is another example of Deliveroo’s constant innovation. I’m excited to engage with this tool more, using the data analytics and insights provided to optimize my menu and my business.”


Part of Restaurant Home, this function allows restaurants to set up their own marketing offers to consumers on the Deliveroo app. Restaurants are asking for more control of their businesses and Deliveroo has listened to this, offering insights gleaned from Restaurant Home to help restaurants tailor different promotions to customers.

Ms Thi Hang, owner of Bun Cha Vietnamese, said, “The new Restaurant Home tool from Deliveroo gives me real time updates on key business metrics – I’m always logged in. I’m now also able to put up my own discounts, so I have more control over my ability to attract new customers and my visibility on the app.”

Wider support to restaurants

Restaurant Home and Marketer are the latest in a long line of measures Deliveroo offers restaurants to support their businesses. Working with 3,500 restaurants in Hong Kong via a team of more than 2,000 riders, Deliveroo is now serving delicious and convenient meals to people in 16 out of 18 of the city’s districts. In the past six months, Deliveroo has a 20% growth in riders and an 18% growth in the business as a whole.

  • Deliveroo helps restaurants create ‘Virtual Brands’ to diversify their offerings. Creating virtual restaurants allows existing restaurants to increase revenue by offering new or complementary cuisines from their current kitchen, but under new branding. A virtual brand appears as a separate restaurant with a new identity on Deliveroo.

  • Deliveroo offers ‘Editions’ delivery-only kitchens. Restaurants are able to expand without needing a physical presence in the area, enabling them to reach new customers. Deliveroo provides unique data and insights that allow them to tailor concepts and menu items to the area’s needs and preferences, leading to increases in sales of up to 400% in some cases.

  • Deliveroo stays on top of the trends so that restaurants understand where consumer demands are and where they’re headed next. For example, Deliveroo recently found that the most popular cuisine categories in Hong Kong are local Hong Kong food, Shanghainese, Vietnamese and Italian.

  • Wider support: Deliveroo is available to support restaurants with insights and direction on marketing and social media; menu design; photography; tailored customer acquisition and retention strategies.

  • Partnership opportunities, for example Deliveroo for Business offers a hotel room service so that hospitality groups can provide even more comfort and convenience to their guests.


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