Deliveroo Takes Action to Support Restaurants, Consumers and Riders Under New COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures in Hong Kong



Deliveroo Takes Action to Support Restaurants, Consumers and Riders Under
New COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures in Hong Kong


● Effective today, Deliveroo will reduce Pickup order commission rates to 3%, supporting F&B providers to generate additional takeaway revenue and enhance service to customers
● The company will be funding 30% discount for customers who have selected the Pickup option, effective 5pm today until 24th July
● Further support measures include extending delivery service hour to 11.30pm, opening more slots for riders, and activating the “Heretodeliver” campaign
● Deliveroo is committed to acting fast and building on past actions to support restaurants, consumers and riders under the sweeping new social distancing measures announced 13 July


(Hong Kong, 15 July 2020) – As updated social distancing rules to combat COVID-19 are implemented by the Government and are effective from today, Deliveroo is responding fast and today announces new measures intended to support restaurants, consumers and riders.


With dine-in services closed from 6pm to 5am from today, Deliveroo will further reduce restaurant commission rates to 3% for Pickup orders and customers will get a 30% discount funded by the delivery company for all Pickup orders from 5pm today till 24th July. The company had already reduced the commission rate on Pickup orders to 5% back in April. This further commission reduction will apply to all Deliveroo partnering restaurants, effective today until the end of September. The new relief measure will help F&B providers across Hong Kong to generate additional revenue, ensure customers can still access food through more affordable takeaway services, and support social distancing as Pickup enables customers to avoid waiting times, skip the queue, and enjoy a good meal even when dine-in service is restricted.


Additional measures from Deliveroo include:


● Starting from this Saturday 18th July, Deliveroo will extend their delivery hour till 11.30pm at night to best service customers with delicious food
● Deliveroo has activated its “Here To Deliver” campaign, investing in a multi-channel mass marketing plan to help restaurants reach their target customers, helping them let customers know they are still operating for delivery and pickups
● More slots have been opened for riders, to meet with the expected rises in demand and to help riders to access more flexible work and make more earnings from Deliveroo
● In addition to rider supply, the company has doubled its Restaurant Support Team to maintain service level
● Deliveroo has also shared their best practice in running a delivery only kitchen to provide operation guidance for partners in light of the latest social distancing restrictions.


Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong said, “This year has presented unparalleled challenges to people and businesses. The new wave of COVID-19 cases demonstrates that unpredictable change is now a constant. Amidst the uncertainty, Deliveroo is committed to supporting our restaurant partners, riders and hungry customers in Hong Kong. These are the most significant social distancing measures yet. It’s critical that we act fast to bolster previous action and introduce new measures of our own, so that restaurants can continue to do business, riders can continue to earn, and people in Hong Kong can continue to access great food in a safe way.”


Supporting restaurant partners


The new measures build on Deliveroo’s consistent and sustained actions throughout 2020 to help people and businesses in Hong Kong address the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.


● Deliveroo announced its first wave of relief measures to restaurants in February, offering an effective 15-20% discount in commission fees and a commission payment delay scheme.
● In March, the company launched a partnership programme to help mall operators and their F&B tenants drive significant value from delivery. The programme has since benefitted 400 restaurant outlets operating in 25 shopping malls, generating a total of HK$13 million in restaurant sales
● Restaurants who partner with Deliveroo can also receive a relief fund of HK$20,000 for their staff who are tested positive of COVID-19.
● Deliveroo has helped restaurant partners to develop more than 100 virtual brands on the platform since January, support restauranteurs to bolster their revenue without increasing fixed costs
● Ongoing bespoke marketer offers and marketing support throughout first six months


Supporting riders


Deliveroo has also enhanced health and safety measures to protect riders and help them continue to safely work amidst the pandemic.


● Riders receive official guidance and regular updates related to COVID-19. Tips and reminders of ways to stay healthy include: washing hands regularly, conducting temperature checks twice daily, avoiding touching your face, and staying clear of crowded places and staying at home if one does not feel well.
● Deliveroo has distributed multiple batches of masks and hand sanitizers since February and will be distributing more face masks starting this week
● Riders and customers have been reminded to choose “contactless delivery” to ensure there is no contact when the food is delivered. Based on the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, riders have the option to drop off orders at the lobby or reception of hospitals.
● Should the delivery address or building have confirmed case(s), riders will be advised to only deliver to the building’s lobby.
● Should there be a cluster with multiple confirmed cases, the company will suspend delivery services.
● Should there be any confirmed cases with the staff in any restaurant partners, the company will immediately disable their delivery and Pickup service on its platform.
● In April, Deliveroo became one of the first private companies in Hong Kong and the first food delivery company in Hong Kong to offer and encourage COVID-19 testing for riders.
● Deliveroo also created a “rider hardship fund” to support riders who may be diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have been required by the medical authorities to isolate themselves.
● Working with a private company, if riders are unfortunately diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection, they will be able to obtain an emergency aid of HK$ 20,000.




About Deliveroo


Deliveroo is an award-winning delivery service founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo works with over 80,000 best-loved restaurants and takeaways, as well as 60,000 riders to provide the best food delivery experience in the world. Deliveroo is headquartered in London, with over 2,500 employees in offices around the globe.


Deliveroo operates in over 500 towns and cities across 12 markets, including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.


Media Contact


For more information or interviews, please contact


Zoe Chau | | (852) 2501 7905
Greg Kwan | | (852) 6893 6799


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