Deliveroo Reveals Business Projections for 2019

  • Number of Deliveroo riders projected to double to 4,000 over next 12 months, represented 

  • Deliveroo anticipates numbers to rise for its restaurant partners in 2019, reaching 6,000 – this would result in Deliveroo having 40% of the restaurant share in Hong Kong

  • Deliveroo is aiming to cover 17 out of 18 districts in Hong Kong in 2019

Hong Kong, 17 January 2019 –Deliveroo, Hong Kong’s largest food delivery platform, today announces its business projections for the coming year, indicating a major growth trajectory for the company in Hong Kong. The new forecast comes off the back of a year of significant expansion and innovation for Deliveroo in Hong Kong over the past 12 months.

Exponential Growth Continues

Projections reveal that Deliveroo’s fleet of riders will double to reach 4,000 by the end of 2019, following a similar trend to last year when the business more than doubled its number of riders. Deliveroo is now looking for more riders and walkers to join the company and enjoy its well-paid, secure, flexible work, which is often used by students as it can easily be combined with other responsibilities such as studying. Riders also enjoy benefits such as a completely free insurance package, introduced in 2018.

Deliveroo also expects to double its number of restaurant partners, on track to increase to 6,000 this year. Restaurants that partner with Deliveroo enjoy wider access to customers they would often not otherwise reach, as well as additional tools from Deliveroo to improve their offerings and drive new efficiencies and profits. On average, Deliveroo’s restaurant partners see their revenue increase by up to 30% and the company anticipates that 2019 will see these figures increase even further.

In 2019, Deliveroo will also give partner restaurants more autonomy as to how they present themselves on the Deliveroo platform; including a self-serve menu tool that enables restaurants to add nutritional information to their menus themselves. This new offering follows the 2018 launch of Restaurant Home, an online portal providing data and insights on how restaurants’ delivery services perform, and Marketer, a key part of Restaurant Home, which enables restaurants to upload and tailor promotions. Deliveroo will continue to develop its platform for restaurants in the coming months.

Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “Deliveroo continues to bring fantastic benefits to everyone in its ecosystem, from riders to restaurant partners to hungry customers, and we foresee another year of exciting growth ahead. Building on the remarkable success of 2018, we are aiming to double our number of delivery riders and restaurant partners over the next 12 months. We are confident that this ambitious aim can be achieved, as demand continues to boom in Hong Kong for a great meal delivered fast.”

Growing to serve even more people across a greater geographical area, Deliveroo expects that by the end of 2019 the business will have expanded its reach to cover 17 out of 18 districts in Hong Kong.

New Areas of Expansion

Furthering its reach and broadening its focus, Deliveroo will continue to develop a range of business units in support of the company’s bold projections for growth in 2019.

Deliveroo plans to expand its Editions delivery-only kitchens over the next 12 months, and will launch new sites. Now a core Deliveroo business unit, Editions supports restaurant partners to expand into new areas and reach new customers without needing a physical presence. Deliveroo provides unique data and insights so that restaurants can tailor concepts and menu items to the area’s needs and preferences, leading to sales increases of up to 400% in some cases.

The company is also seeking out more opportunities for Deliveroo Food Markets. The first Food Market arrived to Sai Ying Pun in December 2018, introducing a direct-to-consumer retail location and walk-in kitchen space which enables partner restaurants to launch new dining concepts via virtual brands. The Food Market is home to five restaurants and a total of 15 dining concepts, creating more selection for customers, more opportunity for restaurants and a more vibrant food industry for Hong Kong.

Last year marked the second anniversary of Deliveroo for Business, which provides bespoke food delivery services to over 7,000 corporate customers around the world – erasing the time and hassle of traditional workplace meal expensing. In 2018, Deliveroo for Business revamped its offerings for Hong Kong, adding more options for hotel room service, corporate events and office snack delivery. The team working on Deliveroo for Business in Hong Kong is set to grow.

Brian Lo added, “Our Deliveroo for Business team in Hong Kong will continue to grow in 2019, expecting to double its number of global corporate clients to 15,000 by the end of the year. Innovation is baked into the DNA of Deliveroo’s business and continues to inspire everything we do. We are constantly on the lookout for more opportunities to be a pioneer in Hong Kong’s food industry and deliver even more to our customers and restaurant partners. In the coming year, we are thrilled to invest in the progress of a range of business units, bolstering our offerings to people and businesses in Hong Kong.”


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