Deliveroo Partners with Feeding Hong Kong on Virtual Food Drive to Help Feed City’s Most Vulnerable and Reduce Hunger

Deliveroo is from today introducing a new in-app feature to enable customers to round up their totals and send a donation to a selected local NGO. Feeding HK (Feeding HK) will be the first NGO partner to receive donations. Feeding HK and Deliveroo share the same values and passion for delivering nutritious food to those in need across Hong Kong. The feature goes live today.


Feeding HK is a local NGO that collects surplus stock from food companies, sorts and stores it, before redistributing it to multiple charities across the city. Feeding HK is Hong Kong’s sole accredited member of the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), an international organisation dedicated to creating and strengthening food banks around the world, which makes them a part of a global movement working to feed people and not landfills.


Deliveroo recently approached Feeding HK about the opportunity to support the NGO on its “Food Matters” virtual food drive. The virtual drive allows Hong Kongers to donate money towards the bulk purchase of staple foods such as noodles, canned goods, and rice. Now, Deliveroo customers will be able to donate to the food drive through the app. At ‘checkout’ they will be able to round up their bill, or they will be offered select amounts to donate to the NGO. The company aims to raise over HK$1 million in the next 6 months, to ensure that those who are most in need continue to receive nutritious meals.


Deliveroo is supporting in a number of other ways. From now until the end of 2020, Deliveroo also aims to contribute 100 hours of volunteering by its employees to Feeding HK, to support their work rescuing and redistributing surplus food to help frontline charities across the city.


By collaborating with Feeding HK, Deliveroo can utilise its ever-evolving food delivery platform to heighten people’s awareness of the fact that more than one million people in Hong Kong live in poverty and struggle to afford nutritious meals; and bring further attention to Feeding HK’s initiatives around vulnerable populations and food waste.


Brian Lo, General Manager, Deliveroo Hong Kong, said: “Deliveroo is dedicated to being a positive member of the Hong Kong community, which includes making sure that the economically disadvantaged get the help they need. One of the most challenging effects of COVID-19 has been a significant rise in demand from charitable food systems across Hong Kong. One of our imperative sustainable development goals at Deliveroo is ‘Zero Hunger,’ in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, and so together with Feeding Hong Kong, we’re trying to make sure that no one in Hong Kong goes unfed.”


The partnership between Deliveroo and Feeding HK empowers Hong Kongers to give back to their communities while still maintaining social distancing. Every donation on Deliveroo makes a difference. A donation of HK$100 can support a case of noodles to a street-sleeper programme, donations of HK$500 can support a selection of canned goods for a community foodbank, and contributions of HK$800 can support 100kg of rice for a small shelter. In addition to working conjointly with Feeding HK on this fundraising project as a means to address local hunger, Deliveroo will continue to look for innovative ways that the food platform can give back.


Gabrielle Kirstein, Chief Executive Officer of Feeding Hong Kong, said, “2020 has presented a number of unprecedented challenges but over the last four months, we’ve pivoted our operations to respond to changes in supply chains, worked with our charity partners to gauge and support their most immediate needs, and shifted our volunteer activities to keep food moving to where it is needed most. However, there is much more still to do. Rising unemployment, loss of income and higher food prices means food assistance has never been more vital. The virtual food drive ‘Food Matters’ lets individuals take action and show their support, so when we were approached by Deliveroo, we were incredibly grateful. Not only will their partnership link us to some 6,500+ restaurant partners and their customers, we know that they care about environmental sustainability and helping those in need in our community.”


As the initiative kicks off, Deliveroo expects to raise HK$1 million, which will allow Feeding HK to support over 200,000 meals.


Deliveroo’s partnership with Feeding HK follows on from the formation of its Sustainability & CSR team, late last year; as well as follows the implementation of a global policy to encourage Deliveroo employees to take paid leave for CSR efforts. Since its creation, Deliveroo’s Sustainability & CSR team has led many initiatives, beginning with a partnership with the St. James Settlement where Deliveroo offered Graceful Meals, for elderly residents who were unable to chew normal foods. Following Graceful Meals, Deliveroo organised a centre visit to the Lifelong Animal Protection Charity, where riders and Deliveroo employees participated in a two-hour volunteer session to learn about animal welfare, basic training skills for dogs and lend a hand by doing cleaning chores. Deliveroo has also collaborated with the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service earlier this year to organise a blood drive, which Deliveroo riders and employees all volunteered.


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