Cloud Based Corporate Solutions Provider LCCS is now iNCUBEE!

New Name, New Strategy, New Packages, New Prices. First Reveal at RISE 2019.
LCCS now iNCUBEE, a cloud based solutions provider for entrepreneurs, is officially launching and showcasing its’ new offerings at RISE 2019 at booth B132, on Tuesday, July 9 at the HKCEC. This new venture comes from the success of LCCS, the first cloud based operator supporting Hong Kong company formation and maintenance online.
Since its formation nearly four years ago, LCCS facilitated by an in-house built SaaS (Software as a Service), has been providing customers all around the world, quick, quality, and affordable corporate services for Hong Kong companies that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Customers can order incorporation, change of corporate service provider, accounting, audit, tax filing, HR, mail management, trademark, and domain name registration, legal document handling services and more, all via LCCS’ website platform. The startup was founded by Vincent de Saint-Exupéry, a corporate services expert with over 25 years’ experience in the field in 3 continents; Asia, Europe, and North America.
Just a year and a half ago, LCCS released a new website with increased functionality which they did out of a need to meet growing demand for a wider variety of services from customers. Since then, the Company has experienced a further surge in growth. Their customer base has continued to steadily rise, as the Company continues to receive a growing amount of requests. Building off the success of LCCS in Hong Kong, the Company is now preparing for global expansion and will progressively begin offering corporate services in new destinations; hence, the introduction of a new name iNCUBEE.
New Name, Same Great Service
The name, iNCUBEE, is an illustration of the Company’s ambitions to “incubate,” i.e., nurture the entrepreneurial community by extending the range of corporate services they offer to cater to companies worldwide. While bees are the best representation of entrepreneurship. Starting from scratch, a bee will build a hive and make it grow; it is a hard worker, detail oriented and fast, a symbol of the Company’s ability to provide fast quality service in a structured well-organized manner.
On top of a new name, to facilitate the expansion, the Company is also launching today a new “universal” platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovative cloud based technologies.
While LCCS has become iNCUBEE, entrepreneurs can still expect the same excellent service the Company has become known for but now at an even larger scale. Whatever their need, LCCS now iNCUBEE will continue to deliver providing professional customer service, quality answers, plenty of free information and prompt replies within 24 hours of receiving a query (except public holidays and weekends).
Free Company Formation And New All-In-One Discounted Annual Maintenance Packages
To celebrate its new name and new dimension, iNCUBEE in Hong Kong is also launching new packages and a new pricing strategy, giving customers increased flexibility. New offers include free incorporation when iNCUBEE is appointed as company secretary, and comprehensive discounted annual maintenance packages, giving customers the chance to save up to 17% of iNCUBEE fees for Annual Return filing and up to 3 corporate changes.
Check out LCCS’ new look website and packages here:
Moreover, visit our new universal platform where very soon you will be able to ask any question about any destination here:
For further information, please contact:
Desiree Da Silva, Sales and Marketing Manager,
+852 9167 7119 / +852 3100 0518
9am – 6pm GMT+8
[email protected]


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