Cidekick, the One-Stop Manpower Solution Offers a Smarter Way for Brands and Businesses to Hire Sidekicks for Events

Cidekick, the One-Stop Manpower Solution Offers a Smarter Way for Brands and Businesses to Hire Sidekicks for Events
● Cidekick allows employers to be connected with a diverse pool of talents whose profiles can be viewed to ensure that they fit the requirements.
● Cidekick aims to disrupt the side gig industry and the way event manpower workers are usually hired by offering a smarter and transparent of hiring within one platform.
Kuala Lumpur, 10th July 2019 – Cidekick, a one-stop manpower solution for events and short-term engagements aims to protect the interests of both the employers and the manpower by providing a transparent platform and a safe environment for the manpower, by creating an ecosystem whereby both parties are able to benefit from each other’s engagement through the platform.
Described as the smarter way to hire temporary on-site manpower, Cidekick facilitates the process of getting the right manpower by taking care of the interview, selection, training, administration and payment so clients can be assured that the job will be successfully completed. Cidekick allows employers to be connected with a diverse pool of talents whose profiles can be viewed to ensure that they fit the requirements and all interview process are handled by Cidekick to manage the overall recruitment quality.
Currently, Cidekick has dealt with renowned brands as well as agencies managing them, and their services have represented brands such as Audi, BMW, Maybank, Valiram, OYO and The Lorry, among others, helping them hire what they call the “gig workers”. This includes models, promoters, ushers and usherettes, sampling crew and warehouse crew for their events.
Transforming the Traditional Way of Hiring Gig Workers
Businesses and brands have been utilising events as one of their marketing tools – they allow brands to connect with their audience and be creative about the way they are doing it . However, making sure that an event is successful can be tricky as many aspects need to be taken into consideration – the right manpower is one of it.
Moreover, the traditional way of hiring gig manpowers for events, often done by self-hiring through Facebook or WhatsApp or even job sites, can be time consuming, hence brands have turned to events or manpower agencies to help them solve the problem, which is often very costly and lack transparency, especially when it is only for small roles.
“Apart from the costing, there is usually a mismatch between the manpower’s role and brand’s requirement. Cidekick was founded to address such gap in the market. Employers only need to list down their requirements and the training, monitoring and administrative tasks will be taken care of by Cidekick. We also ensure that all hired manpower will get paid for every job completed, including paying out of its own pocket if the situation arises” said Mr Phillip Phua, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cidekick.
The platform, which connects employees to a diverse pool of more than 10,000 manpower- whose profiles can be viewed the same way employees can view talents’ comp cards in real life – has also noted that brands and businesses have the freedom to choose their budget of paying the side-gig workers with cash. Employers can also post jobs that pay as low as RM60 on its platform, offering variety and flexibility.
Prioritising the ease-of-use, Cidekick allows employers to be connected to the suitable manpower in these three easy steps:
Step 1: List out your manpower requirements and discuss your budget with Cidekick
Step 2: Select your team and prepare the payment.
Step 3: Cidekick will handle the training as well as all the administrative tasks like payroll and scheduling
Protecting the interest of both businesses and gig workers
Both co-founders Philip and Richard, who have been in the event industry for a long time saw a problem in the way gig workers are treated, sometimes not getting paid after the job has been completed. At the same time, there have also been instances where brands and businesses run into problems caused by incompetent gig-workers.
“The gig workers are a substantial part of any event, so we want to make sure that they are getting treated fairly, which includes getting paid on time as well as being in a safe environment for the whole duration of the gig. We also want to make sure that the employers are connected to a reliable workforce thus alleviating the pain points for both sides. In a way, Cidekick wants to be known as the protector of both sides,” said Mr Richard Ranjit, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cidekick.
As of now, Cidekick has paid out more than RM1 million to their gig workers. Cidekick is also catering and creating opportunities for single mothers and handicapped persons by joining the e-Rezeki programme – an entrepreneurship platform by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) that aims to boost low-income households through digital income opportunities.


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