China’s Largest Online Travel Agency Ctrip Lays Solid Foundation For Global Expansion, Leveraging Workday Human Capital Management

Hong Kong, December 17, 2018 – Ctrip Group, the largest online travel agency in Asia announced today that it will work with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, to support its global expansion plan. Ctrip’s employees across all 17 markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia, the United States of America, France, Spain, Russia and the United Kingdom can now gain greater efficiency, engagement and collaboration with colleagues around the world.

There are branches in 16 major cities across Mainland China, including Shanghai where it is headquartered. Globally, Ctrip has footprint in 17 overseas markets. With over 40,000 employees serving around 300 million registered users, Ctrip has selected Workday HCM to be a part of the international strategy. Such collaboration would help to enhance operational efficiency from talent management to team collaboration and more. The deployment across 17 overseas offices took only 18 weeks to go live. From today, all employees in these markets are on a single HR platform.

Ctrip is the largest provider of overseas travel for Chinese. Ctrip plays an important role in connecting travelers with the world. Ctrip Group is deepening relationships with global partners and extending its international strategy. This can be seen through rapid growth and the development of its Skyscanner and brands which collectively attract over 90 million monthly active users globally. Ctrip now has more than 1.4 million hotel resources around the world and partnerships with nearly 1000 international airlines and air ticket suppliers. Nearly 50% of Ctrip’s staff are employed in customer service since customers comes first. In addition to establishing nine call centers in China, Ctrip has also set up three overseas call centers in Edinburgh, Seoul and Tokyo. The combination of technology and innovation along with the customer-centric approach allow Ctrip to provide 24/7 differentiated service to more than 300 million users.

“As a leader in the travel sector where globalization is at the core of driving our business, attracting global talent, enhancing culture awareness and inclusion, and ensuring legal compliance have always been our top priority.  Ctrip aims to build a robust HR operation model that can be adapted quickly as we expand globally. Workday HCM offers a comprehensive HR solution with local language support, giving us peace of mind as we expand into new markets,” said Colin Ke, Vice President of Human Resources at Ctrip. “The single technology platform that Workday HCM offers will enable us to scale and achieve greater efficiency in talent management. The built-in analytics capability and tools are also crucial for us to better engage our employees globally as we partner with them to develop their careers.”

“Workday is committed to supporting emerging technology companies as they grow and thrive globally.  Team work is a key factor in enabling businesses to scale and succeed and, with Workday HCM, Ctrip teams can now work as one team and collaborate seamlessly across different markets,” said Donald T. Sullivan, General Manager, Workday Hong Kong and North Asia. “Our warmest welcome to Ctrip on joining the Workday family. We look forward to partnering with this global travel leader.”


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