CATL Launches New Battery That Can Charge an EV in 10 Minutes

CATL Launches New Battery That Can Charge an EV in 10 Minutes

CATL breaks barriers with the rapid-charging Shenxing LFP battery, paving the way for e-mobility’s future.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL), a Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturer, has unveiled its latest innovation, Shenxing, a 4C lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery capable of rapid charging. The term “4C” denotes the battery’s ability to be fully charged in just 15 minutes. The new battery offers 400 km of driving range after just a ten-minute charge and can provide over 700 km on a full charge. This new technology aims to mitigate concerns about fast charging, often cited as a barrier to broader electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Addressing fast charging concerns through advanced electrochemistry

The notable charging speed of Shenxing is attributed to advancements in battery material and electrochemical design. By enhancing its chemistry and structural aspects, Shenxing aims to achieve a balance between energy density, charging speed and safety, presenting a new approach to LFP battery performance.

The science behind faster charging

Shenxing integrates modern cathode technology and nano-crystallized materials to optimize lithium-ion extraction. Furthermore, with CATL’s recent developments in graphite, particularly the second-generation ion ring technology, there’s an increased focus on optimizing current conduction. This combination, along with a multi-layered electrode, is designed to facilitate faster charging and extend the driving range.

Optimizing electrolyte and transmission

CATL’s approach to the electrolyte formula for Shenxing aims to reduce the resistance experienced by lithium ions during movement. This is attempted by adjusting the viscosity of the electrolyte and modifying the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) film. A new separator design has also been introduced to further facilitate ion transmission.

Setting performance benchmarks

Shenxing is designed with a focus on performance, offering 4C charging capabilities and a comprehensive driving range. These features, along with its ability to charge under varied temperature conditions and its safety measures, reflect CATL’s technical objectives. Significantly, Shenxing attempts to surpass traditional LFP battery standards by offering a driving range that exceeds 700 km.

Cold climate charging and safety features

The battery has been developed with cold climate adaptability in mind, charging up to 80% in ten minutes at room temperature and aiming to retain performance at temperatures as low as -10 °C. Emphasis has also been placed on safety with features like a dual protective layer and real-time fault detection.

On track for mass production

CATL is gearing up for Shenxing’s mass production by the end of 2023. Electric vehicles powered by this advanced battery are anticipated to enter the market in early 2024, marking a pivotal step in the global e-mobility transition.

Towards a global energy transition

Shenxing demonstrates CATL’s focus on making advancements in battery technology more accessible. This is aligned with their broader objective of contributing to the global energy shift. Dr. Wu Kai, CATL’s Chief Scientist, emphasized the importance of keeping EV battery technology at the innovation forefront while ensuring economic viability. As the EV consumer base expands from pioneers to the general public, he champions the broader accessibility of advanced tech.

Shenxing represents CATL’s approach to one of the significant challenges in EV adoption: the need for faster charging solutions.

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