Cashback World launches in Hong Kong



Hong Kong, February 21, 2019 – Cashback World, world’s largest shopping community and the premier platform of online shopping with cashback worldwide, is officially launched in Hong Kong, enabling shoppers reap cashback rewards with every purchase made online no matter where they are. Cashback World will unveil its strategic vision and a cashback loyalty program to reward its members with cash rebate at a press conference – which will be staged at the grand hall of Yè Shanghai’s at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel on February 27, 2019 (Wednesday).
Cashback World is powered and operated by myWorld from London. With a huge array of online shops and extensive networks as well as world-class customer management solutions, Cashback World is a source of great excitement to its members for reaping amazing shopping benefits and deals. It is now active in 47 global markets and more than 11 million members enjoy a wide range of shopping benefits at 120,000 loyalty merchants worldwide.
Tapping into the wave of innovation and technology and online shopping, Cashback World aims to develop an ultimate all-round shopping platform to provide members enriching shopping experience and make sure they get the best price across multiple retailers online. Explore a whole world of Cashback Shops on and get up to 5% cashback, shopping points and other amazing deals at countless merchants. In collaboration with leading online travel agents in Hong Kong – namely Agoda, Expedia, HotelsCombined, KLOOK and KKday, Cashback World offers cashback and a selection of fabulous deals to local holiday-goers. Exclusive shopping deals are also offered to Cashback World members by Hong Kong’s small and medium-sized businesses.
Officiating at the launch event, Mr. Rafal Pieta, Chief Executive Officer of myWorld, will head to Hong Kong for the first time to attend the media event, and Ms. Angel Fung, Director of Operational Support at Cashback World in Hong Kong, will share the latest burgeoning trend on global online shopping and the emerging business opportunities on Cashback Marketing. Angel will also reveal a list of local retails partners and shopping sites at the event.
Cashback World Launches in Hong Kong – Press Conference over Luncheon
Date: February 27, 2019 (Wednesday)
12:15pm-Media registration
12:30pm-Media luncheon
Venue: Grand hall of Yè Shanghai
Address: 6/F, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, No. 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


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