Online classifieds platform launches the CarouBiz Booster Package, supported by Enterprise Singapore, to help heartland retailers and service merchants to bring their businesses online


Singapore, 25 May 2020 – Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online classifieds marketplaces, today announced the CarouBiz Booster Package, an initiative supported by Enterprise Singapore, that helps 1,000 heartland retailers and service merchants in digitalising and growing their businesses online.


Eligible merchants will receive a one-time 90 per cent support from Enterprise Singapore when they sign up for the CarouBiz Booster Package. Each package, valued at $720 before support, comprises a six-month CarouBiz (Carousell for Business) subscription and $480 worth of Carousell coins (marketing credits) to purchase additional seller ads and promotional tools on Carousell.


CarouBiz is a subscription to a suite of premium tools, designed to help businesses. These tools include video listings, custom collections for product categorisation, profile cover photo for branding, and premium seller badge for credibility. Carousell also has a website with tips and guides on how to maximise these tools, and organises weekly webinars to introduce the tools and best practices. Merchants who need more help can use the live support chat or request for a sales consultant. These resources allow businesses to showcase their products like a virtual showroom, all within their Carousell profile.


“We recognise that this is a difficult time for brick-and-mortar retailers and service merchants, many of whom have seen a sharp decline in customers due to the current COVID-19 situation. While there are other e-commerce solutions available today, many heartland merchants are still struggling due to their lack of e-commerce experience. With a platform that is easy for anyone or any business to use, and one in four Singaporeans using Carousell monthly, we are well-positioned to help heartland merchants reach out to a sizable portion of our highly-engaged community. We are honoured to work together with Enterprise Singapore to support local merchants to start selling online, and guide them on how to quickly grow their customer base and realise new revenue streams with Carousell, ” shared Ng Chee Soon, Managing Director, Carousell Singapore.


One local SME which has found success in reaching new customers using CarouBiz is Airple, a five-year-old family business that does air conditioner servicing. “Before we started on Carousell, we advertised on different platforms and forums, but business was not that good. When we started advertising on Carousell, we had a lot of people ‘like’ our promoted listings, and we knew that people were searching for such services and that we were reaching the right people,” said Delia Gan, Customer Manager, Airple.


“The current situation has highlighted the importance of having alternative channels for businesses to generate leads and sales. We expect that online shopping will continue to be an important channel even after the resumption of all physical retail activities. E-commerce enables merchants to reach customers 24/7 beyond their brick and mortar shop, learn about buying preferences and adapt their product offerings to consumer trends. We are excited to support Carousell in its efforts to bring solutions relevant to the smaller merchants, including the heartland merchants, to help these merchants scale their business through e-commerce,” said Lee Yee Fung, Director, ICM & Digitalisation, Enterprise Singapore.


The CarouBiz Booster Package is the latest in Carousell’s #SupportLocal initiatives to support Singaporeans during the COVID-19 situation, which includes the #MADEinSG partnership with Singapore Brand Office for local creative freelancers and the Unilever partnership for #SupportLocal F&B businesses.


Interested merchants can sign up for the CarouBiz Booster Package at from 25 May to 31 December 2020.




About Carousel​l

Carousell is an online classifieds marketplace that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Launched in August 2012, Carousell began in Singapore and now has a presence in eight markets across Asia. With over 250 million listings, we are one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplaces in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and are backed by Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia India and Naspers. The Carousell marketplace has a diverse range of products across a variety of categories, including cars, lifestyle, gadgets and fashion accessories. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.


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