Bookworms Unite! The Coolest Social Networking Platforms for Bibliophiles

The Coolest Social Networking Platforms for Bibliophiles

Whatever your literary desires, these social networking platforms have got you covered.

Ever read a book and thought—if only I had someone to discuss it with (especially the controversial plot lines)? You’re not alone. Social networking platforms have undergone a remarkable evolution, transforming from mere communication tools to thriving communities centered around diverse interests and passions. For book enthusiasts, these platforms offer a unique space to connect, share and immerse themselves in the fascinating literary world.

One fascinating aspect of this evolution is the transformation of traditional book clubs from traditional in-person gatherings to online communities. Amidst the pandemic, individuals found themselves confined indoors, leading book clubs to migrate to virtual realms like Zoom meetups and WhatsApp exchanges. 

This evolution boosted the popularity of social networks among readers who wanted new ways to enjoy books and connect with others. So now, even though the pandemic is mostly over, these online ways of connecting and sharing books are still really popular. In this article, we will highlight the best social media platforms for your bookworm persona.


Founded by Allison Trowbridge, Copper was launched in 2022 and is often called the “Instagram for book enthusiasts”. The platform aims to create a virtual space where readers and writers can interact and have discussions. Copper has a distinct system of verification reserved exclusively for authors, ensuring a clear distinction of identities. This enhances the author’s interaction with current readers and enables them to connect with new ones through improved discoverability. Authors can also host live interactive sessions using FaceTime, centered around their literary works. Additionally, they can actively participate in text conversations within dedicated forums. 

Copper’s interface is designed not only to encourage book recommendations but also to facilitate connections among new readers through its various features. Readers can share comments on books and participate in discussions both during their reading journey and upon completion. For instances involving spoilers, a discreet ‘S’ icon indicates the presence of a spoiler discussion. So, you can enter the forum without worrying about spoiling a book for you (unless you secretly want to). Presently, the Copper app is exclusively accessible through the Apple iOS app store.


When people talk about books, Goodreads is often the first social networking platform that springs to mind. With millions of titles available worldwide, thanks to its extensive library, this review platform owned by Amazon has truly become an essential literary resource.

At its core, the platform offers an engaging community that enables you to discover desired books, monitor your current reads and explore the literary interests of your acquaintances. What sets it apart is the individual profile feature, showcasing the tally of books and pages you’ve conquered—a truly rewarding milestone.

An equally impressive feature is the seamless fusion with your Amazon account. The moment you sign in, your Goodreads reading list seamlessly syncs with your Kindle device, ensuring your reading choices are readily accessible. Plus, any highlights you make on your Kindle also show up effortlessly in your Goodreads account. It’s like having all your reading stuff in one place!


Looking for a new read? Get on the Tertulia app. Offering a curated space for bookworms, its concept revolves around readers discovering books through various channels.

Tertulia uses artificial intelligence technology and editorial curation to compile book reviews, author interviews, broadcast mentions, podcasts, social media buzz and even prizes won by a book – all in one place. Additionally, the app allows for convenient book purchasing. Simply click on a popular book and the app will redirect you to the shop page without the need for external apps.

To begin, readers can choose the categories of books they are interested in and select their preferred voices. These voices typically include authors grouped by their profession or community, such as journalists, poets, LGBTQ+ representatives, and more. The app will present book options based on the readers’ responses to a set of questions. If a reader stumbles upon a book of interest, they can click forth for additional details. At present, Tertulia is exclusively available on iOS.


It’s remarkable how TikTok, an app famous for its short form videos, has become a valuable resource for book lovers. BookTok is a community of book enthusiasts found on TikTok who share their opinions, recommendations and theories about their favorite books, authors and genres. To access BookTok, you can either follow the BookTok hashtag or engage with book-related accounts until the algorithm recognizes your interest in literature.

What’s more, books that gain popularity within the BookTok community enjoy a significant surge in sales. The #BookTok hashtag has experienced a staggering growth of over 160 percent, garnering more than 138 billion views in just a year, all thanks to the massive following that book-influencers have amassed. To cater to this trend, bookstores are promptly responding by creating displays that specifically showcase the latest highlights of the online community. 

The hashtag is a blessing not only for readers but also for authors. Some authors use it strategically to promote their work. As per the New York Times, BookScan data shows that BookTok has aided authors in selling 20 million hard copies of books in 2021 and 2022. Furthermore, sales have increased by an additional 50 percent.

Other horizons

Beyond these dedicated book platforms, other avenues, like Instagram’s Bookstagram community and Facebook Groups/Reddit, provide diverse spaces for book lovers to gather, discuss and share their favorite books. The fact that people are shifting from traditional book clubs to digital platforms indicates how technology is changing the way we connect over shared interests. 

These digital platforms are inclusive and modern, making it possible for book lovers from all walks of life to unite. They break down geographical barriers and enable connections that were not possible in traditional face-to-face interactions. So, any time someone complains about this generation’s poor reading habits, don’t forget to point them to these online lit communities. 

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