Booking of chauffeured cars made easy, Amadeus integrates Chinese startup Heycars onto its platform

Booking of chauffeured cars made easy, Amadeus integrates Chinese startup Heycars onto its platform
A seamless end-to-end journey for travelers, available directly and through travel agents alike
15 May, Singapore – Arriving in a foreign country can be daunting, imagine being met by your very own English-speaking driver, in your choice of car in airport arrivals. Taking away the stress of that final leg of travel. Chinese startup Heycars is now integrated into Amadeus Transfers and part of the Amadeus Transfers Platform, providing high quality chauffeured vehicles that can be booked in advance. Available in 83 countries, 214 cities and 240 airports, Heycars provides travelers with a seamless end-to-end travel experience.
Heycars’ collaboration with Amadeus means their content has exposure to Amadeus’ global travel agency network. The integration with Selling Platform Connect allows travel agents to give an end-to-end service to their customers, at the best possible pricing. End users can also make bookings in advance through Check My Trip, enabling them to skip queues and waiting time at airports and hotels.
Peter Altmann, Head of Mobility and Insurance, Amadeus commented, “We have been working with Heycars since 2018, their team is not only experienced but also extremely passionate. Their content has been integrated onto the Amadeus Transfers Platform which brings together airline, hotel, alternative lodging, rail, ground transport and in-destination content all in one place. We are proud to announce that since February this year, Amadeus travel agencies can search and book professional car services at competitive rates through Heycars. We are set on expanding the Amadeus Transfers Platform to encompass all content, meaning more choice and personalisation for travelers, and ultimately, more memorable journeys.
Founded in 2015 with headquarters in Guangzhou Heycars delivers a variety in chauffeured vehicles, ranging from an economy 5-seater to a luxury sedan, and even a 53-seater coach for larger groups. Heycars has a round the clock customer service line currently available in Chinese, English, French and Japanese. Kai Zou, CEO and Co-Founder of Heycars said, “Heycars facilitates the booking of chauffeur driven cars by the hour, ideal for foreigners who are unable to rent and drive in a country such as China. Whether it’s a simple airport transfer, a group coach booking or a daily chauffeured service, Heycars makes your journey smooth and stress free from the first interaction.”
Heycars emerged from the Amadeus Next start-up program. Amadeus Next fosters knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs that are innovative and passionate, acting as mentors and partners helping start-ups scale into great companies. Startups that are a part of Amadeus Next receive support in the areas of technology building, expert advice, customer reach and funding referral. Amadeus Next has been up and running since 2015 and is now the leading travel tech startup community in Asia Pacific. The program expanded into China in 2018, helping start-ups reach audiences globally.


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