BitCherry – To Build a Trusted Distributed Business Ecosystem

BitCherry is a blockchain infrastructure empowering commercial applications, which is to construct P2Plus point-to-point encrypting network protocol with the new thinking of physical structures and achieve highly extensible data architectures by hashing diagrams modified by relational graphs. BitCherry provides smart contract, cross-chain consensus and other operating mechanisms which can reduce the development cost and provide underlying public chain of high performance, high security and high availability for blockchain business applications.


As the first scalable infrastructure worldwide based on IPv8 technology in the service of commercial applications, BitCherry focuses on comprehensive and in-depth development in the industry. With strong ecological resources, BitCherry pays great attentions to business needs. By gathering research resources of global blockchain technology and industry, BitCherry will actively promote communication and collaboration, and accelerate the application of blockchain technology in various fields. BitCherry, meanwhile, will realize value interaction with smart contract which will reflect the real business to the blockchain.
In addition, BitCherry will build a new business model and a highly trusted and trusted distributed business ecosystem by the cooperation crossing platforms, spaces and fields which achieves high-speed circulation of ecological value and expand the business closed loop.


In terms of technology, the BitCherry core data structure adopts Hash Relationship Spectrum, which makes the TPS of the public network as high as 100,000 +, far exceeding the industry level. At the same time, BitCherry also refers to the engineering experience of the Internet for many years, and builds its underlying encrypted communication architecture on the IPv8 protocol, so as to realize point-to-point encryption of information and guarantee the privacy and security of user data in the process of interaction. In addition, BitCherry focuses on the consensus layer. Combining with its original P2Plus network protocol, BitCherry firstly proposed the aBFT+PoUc consensus, which can effectively prevent network attacks while ensuring full equity of BitCherry nodes. In terms of development, BitCherry has perfect development tools, friendly to developers, called with mainstream language programming and support resources, allows developers to reduce the development cost of also smooth the learning curve. In terms of upper-class economy, BitCherry USES bit-u as the incentive mechanism to provide basic users with active and user resources for Dapp and business ecology, and fully guarantee the healthy and orderly development of business applications in the ecology.


Therefore, BitCherry is a mature public chain system with profound technical background, safe privacy and smooth user experience. Because of this, BitCherry payed a lot of technology cost for the security and enforceability of smart contracts to develop BitCherry’s online technology and development platform. Thanks to this, BitCherry can fully integrate the technical resources, human resources, business resources and various innovative resources of traditional enterprises, including blockchain technology coding and underlying architecture related to product traceability, supply chain finance, business consumption, asset digitalization, finance, e-commerce, cloud computing, etc.


In conclusion, BitCherry’s P2Plus encryption network protocol will greatly promote the commercial value of society in the future, and any individual and organization can use the network to improve their products and services greatly.


Moreover, in Singapore, South Korea, Russia and other regions, BitCherry has a large number of communities. Relying on strong technical background and great support of the community at home and abroad, BitCherry achieved rapid growth. And BitCherry will continue to develop intently, explore in business cooperation, accelerate the maturity of underlying public chain and greatly empower “0 to 1” process of enterprise blockchain.


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