BeBello is Redefining Social Commerce for Premium Original Gifts + Experiences in Asia

Launched in December 2015,  Bebello’s mission is to become the “Etsy for Asia” a social e-commerce platform for premium original gifts and inspiring workshop experiences by unique Asian designers.

Our platform solves the challenge of discovering and buying unique, original and affordable gifts from talented Asian Designers in a easy and social way. BeBello allows customers to discover great products and we have a nice feature where anyone if they are inspired by what they see on our Instagram then can shop directly from our Instagram page.  We carefully curate designers from all across Asia, and our designers ship from their home country to anywhere in the world.  We also differentiate by providing a platform to also allow customers to book classes,  so if customers prefer to make their own gifts and bespoke products,  they can book a class on our platform and then attend a workshop with the designer and then personalise their gifts as they wish.  Attending classes is also popular these days since many people in Asia are seeking a creative outlet.  We are seeking to help people discover products they haven’t seen before,  and at the same time, we are also showcasing Asian design to the rest of the world.

We are currently based in Hong Kong,  and successfully launched our O2O concept in December last year, where we featured over 30 leading Asian designers from Shanghai, Hong Kong,  Bangkok and Tokyo in our concept store and online platform.

Our key feature is that we inspire our customers by listing amazing pictures of designers products on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages, and then provide a innovative way that makes everything that’s on these pages instantly shoppable.  We like to think many people face the problem of seeing something inspiring on Instagram or Facebook,  and not knowing where to buy it,  or having to go through the complexity of contacting the seller and then sending a bank transfer and then waiting for the shipment to arrive,  which is neither safe nor efficient and results in issues around trust, especially in Asia and delays and confusion.  We solve this problem by providing an end to end solution to manage the whole transaction from listing, discovery,  payments,  messaging and order tracking.

The products we feature on our platform include artisanal foods,  handcrafted jewellery,  designer leather goods, premium stationary and luxury homewares.   We are looking to expand into independently designed activewear and casual-wear.   We are seeking to help people discover products they haven’t seen before,  and at the same time, we are also showcasing Asian design to the rest of the world.

Email:   [email protected] | Facebook:  bebellocom | Instagram: @bebellocom


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