Bandoru, the Homegrown Bundle Retail Brand Celebrates Third Anniversary with A Month Long Celebration

– The brand is organising a music festival in collaboration with students from UiTM Faculty of Music.
– Bandoru sees huge demand for pre-loved clothing among millennials with RM10 million revenue in 2019.
– Bandoru is opening its 7th store in Ipoh, with 3 more slated to arrive by the end of the year.
Kuala Lumpur, 12th November 2019 – Bandoru, the first Malaysian bundle retail brand is entering its third anniversary this November as it continues to serve millennials and young professionals through its offering of pre-loved stylish quality garments from Japan. This momentous occasion sees the homegrown brand hosting the month-long Bandoru third year anniversary celebration, the Bandoru Kanibaru (Japanese term for carnival) in locations across Shah Alam.
The Bandoru Kanibaru Celebration
Kicking off the celebration on 8th November in the Bandoru Shah Alam store is a talk show with Intan Kaharuddin, a celebrity makeup artist who rose to fame on social media. Known for her natural makeup looks and quirky personality, she shared makeup tips and tricks with visitors, and demonstrated several makeup looks for both casual, and glamorous occasions.
On 23rd November, there will also be a hijab styling session and demonstration with Farah Dinana, a hijab stylist known for styling celebrities such as Neelofa, Lisa Surihani and Nabila Razali. She will be keen on sharing her experience with hijab fashion, and looks forward to show off how hijabs can be styled alongside pre-loved outfits.
The highlight of the anniversary celebrations is the Suara Fest 19 x Bandoru music festival on 16th November, held in Black Pearl Shah Alam. Organised by the students from UiTM Faculty of Music in collaboration with Bandoru, visitors will be able to enjoy performances by local independent acts such as Iqbal M., The Venopian Solitude, Mafidz, Mohram and many more.
“This celebration is our way of showing appreciation for our customers and Kazoku (the Bandoru members), by bringing them activities that they can enjoy. We have grown in Malaysia thanks to the local support, and we are, in turn, looking forward to continue serving our customers with more fashionable Japanese styles at affordable prices,” said Azizi Adil, CEO of Bandoru.
Bandoru is also looking forward to grow the number of Kazoku this November. Through a RM5 fee, customers can join existing Kazoku in enjoying a 30% off on all purchases during the whole month. Furthermore, members will also get to purchase Kazoku Kit – a limited edition Bandoru merchandise kit for only RM25.
Bandoru online store and future plans
Together with the Bandoru Kanibaru, Bandoru will also be officially launching their new e-commerce website, Being the first in Asia to launch an online thrift store for pre-loved Japanese clothing, the brand looks to better reach their customers through its offering of the convenience of shopping for their clothing online. Together with the online platform, Bandoru will also be officially launching its blog, which will serve as a reference point for those who want style tips and tricks on fashion.
With the opening of its most recent store in Cheras in October and one more in Ipoh in November, Bandoru currently has 7 stores, with 3 more stores slated to open by the end of 2019. Backed by strong growth in revenue in 2019 (RM10 million, up from RM2 million in 2018), Bandoru hopes to continue meeting the rising demand for Japanese pre-loved clothing among Malaysians. The local brand is projected to have a total of 20 stores by the end of 2020, becoming the fastest growing bundle retail shop in Malaysia.
Bandoru’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration will be open to the public the whole month of November.


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