AWS Pop-up Loft makes its debut in Hong Kong

Enjoy free consultations and trainings with technical experts, developers, and entrepreneurs as AWS’s highly successful global Loft program comes to Hong Kong for the first time
HONG KONG – JULY 15, 2019 – Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company, today announced the launch of the AWS Pop-up Loft in Hong Kong to provide a platform where entrepreneurs, startups, community leaders, and developers can attend educational sessions and engage with some of AWS’s most knowledgeable experts to receive complimentary one-on-one training and technical guidance from AWS Solutions Architects and evangelists. 
Following the launch of the AWS Hong Kong Region in April, the AWS Loft program, which has already been rolled out in London, Berlin, Munich and Tel Aviv, reinforces the company’s commitment to nurturing cloud computing talent and growing local startups. From July 15 to 25 (except Sunday), visitors will have free access to a range of activities including hands-on workshops, technical talks on various topics including cloud migration, enterprise digital transformation, cybersecurity and so on from AWS employees, AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, and customers. In a convenient location at Causeway Bay, the AWS Pop-up Loft is a collaborative, educational, and supportive environment where people from a wide variety of industries can meet up and share ideas.  
“Hong Kong is a thriving center for companies to build their businesses, and AWS is dedicated to helping grow the next generation of Hong Kong entrepreneurs. By bringing together an array of AWS resources and sharing our technical expertise, the AWS Pop-up Loft will allow us to work with some of the brightest minds and talents here in Hong Kong and to help them reach their full potential,” said Robert Wang, Managing Director, Hong Kong and Taiwan, AWS. “By facilitating discussions and exchange of dialogues on the important topics of cloud, our intention is to play an even greater role in supporting Hong Kong’s innovation agenda and inspiring businesses of all sizes to embrace the power of cloud computing technologies – increase agility, enhance cost effectiveness and ultimately accelerate innovation.”
Click Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in highly scalable technology startups, will be participating the AWS Pop-up Loft in Hong Kong. 
“We are excited to be joining AWS’s first Pop-up Loft in Hong Kong. Initiatives like this following the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region launch will further strengthen the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and more broadly, the Greater Bay Area, that is empowered by data and AI-driven technologies,” said Carman Chan, Founder and Managing Partner of Click Ventures.
For more than a decade, AWS has actively supported the startup community globally. In Hong Kong, AWS counts some of the most successful startups as customers, including 8 Securities, 9GAG, AfterShip, GRANA, Bowtie, WeLend, and Gogo Tech. 
The AWS Pop-up Loft Hong Kong will feature:

  • Learning sessions with AWS Solutions Architects: 
    • Appointments with AWS solutions architect to discuss topics including AWS architecture, AWS technologies and features, cost optimization, and more.


  • Sharing sessions on Building Innovation Solutions: 
    • Sharing session on application of Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) funding, the funding scheme under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) that aims to subsidise non-listed local entities in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. 


  • Startup Business Series: 
    • AngelHub, Hong Kong’s first equity crowdfunding platform, and WHub, Hong Kong Largest Startup Ecosystem Platorm, will be co-hosting a startups community night event with AWS. Participants can mingle and learn more about AngelHub’s experience in investing in and scaling for startups, as well as AWS’s Activate program, where startups get access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support.
    • A “Hong Kong Startups Connect” session will be co-hosted with PCH, a global custom design manufacturing company and Click Ventures, an early-stage Venture Capital firm investing in technology startups, to discuss what venture capitalists are looking for when it comes to investments and capital raising, together with the potential opportunities for startups.


  • Migration Game Day: 
    • Opportunity to test the participants’ skills on AWS in a fun and risk-free environment. With experts on hand to help, participants will work together throughout the day to master best practices and consider all the crucial elements to a successful migration.


  • Cloud 101 
    • AWS workshop for university students: Opportunity for local university students to learn AWS and cloud computing as well as gain insight regarding career planning and educational programs.
    • DeepRacer session: With guidance from the AWS Machine Learning (ML) Hero, students in technology majors can embrace the excitement of modeling Reinforcement Learning via the virtual racing of AWS DeepRacer. 

For more information about AWS Pop-up Loft Hong Kong, please visit AWS Lofts Hong Kong website.
AWS Pop-up Loft Hong Kong 
Dates: 15-20 July, 22 -25 July
Venue: 26/F Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Organizer: Amazon Web Services Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm 
For media inquiries, please contact:
Burson Cohn & Wolfe 
Email: [email protected] 
Telephone: +852 2963 6769


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