ART Power HK extends to June 2021

ART Power HK extends to June 2021
Celebrating the Arts in Hong Kong, the not-for-profit campaign and digital Platform unites
the Hong Kong arts community and amplifies arts initiatives across the city


#ARTpowerHK #HKart2020


(HONG KONG, 15 June 2020) ART Power HK announces its extension to June 2021, fostering collaboration within the local arts community and committing ongoing support and amplification for the ongoing initiatives of Hong Kong arts organisations.


Launched three months ago on 16 March 2020, ART Power HK has acted as a catalyst for collaboration, facilitating connections between Partners and the wider community. The Platform brings together 139 arts organisations from across the community to support each other and drive positive energy and confidence for Hong Kong’s art scene. Their united strength has inspired and engaged local and international audiences with the diverse arts activities taking place in Hong Kong.


With COVID-19 bringing many uncertainties and challenges, the role of arts and culture as essential foundations for inclusive and accepting societies, and robust and creative economies, takes on heightened importance. In response to this ongoing impact, ART Power HK has extended its original four-month campaign and adapted the Platform to offer a much deeper response and longer commitment to maintain momentum for the arts.


A not-for-profit campaign, ART Power HK’s achievements to date are organically grown. Over just three months (16 March – 15 June 2020), the Platform has achieved over 61,000 page views with a balanced geographical audience of 50% from Hong Kong and 50% from around the world. To date, over 360 pieces of Partner content has been published in a vast array of formats, including VR exhibitions, online viewing rooms, articles, artist videos, online exhibitions, book clubs, webinars and panel discussions. The ART Power HK Online Talks Programme has hosted 11 talks, with 44 high profile speakers and over 5,000 viewers.


ART Power HK launches new initiatives to further support local arts organisation and artists


In addition to the ongoing ART Power HK Online Talks Series that addresses topics relevant to the Hong Kong creative community, ART Power HK is rolling out new content streams to further shine a spotlight on the arts and cultural infrastructure of Hong Kong as a united whole.


• HK Artist Spotlight: A series of short video interviews celebrating Hong Kong artists, their practices and creativity in this city
• Supporting Young Talent: Video series championing the next generation of artistic talent in Hong Kong
• Exhibitions in a Virtual World: Immersive and engaging online viewing experiences of ART Power HK Partner exhibitions opening in Hong Kong
• Online Art History: Digital lectures and talks exploring Asia’s cultural heritage, the history of art in the region and contemporary Asian art
• ART Power HK Online Talks: Upcoming topics include funding and philanthropy in the arts and cultural sector, why do arts business in Hong Kong, arts education and therapeutic arts in Hong Kong, prospects for arts students graduating in 2020, new media art and digital trends, and generating an ongoing value for virtual experiences.


What the arts community are saying about ART Power HK


Ziwei Phuong, Co-founder – A2Z Art Gallery: “Art Power HK is a groundbreaking campaign in Hong Kong, which will lead to a new movement in the industry.”
Takahashi Mizuki, Executive Director and Chief Curator – CHAT, Hong Kong: “True to our mission to Weave Creative Experiences for All, ART Power HK allows us to engage wider audiences with Hong Kong’s vibrant art scene, beyond the confines of geographical distance and isolation, and forges a much needed new form of exchange and collaboration between arts and cultural institutions across the city and the world.”


Alan Lo, Co-Founder – Duddell’s: “It is good to see how ART Power HK brings the art communities together and shows people that we have many amazing happenings in town that are worth supporting.”


Jeannie Wu, Director – HART: “We appreciate ART Power HK’s intent to connect young talent and professionals on the Platform, constant exchange and conversation is essential for the community to grow – and now with the extension of the campaign, we would like to support them to honour their persistence and commitment.”


Dr Maria Mok, Museum Director – Hong Kong Museum of Art: “HKMoA is happy to be part of Art Power HK as we brave through this global pandemic together with the local art community. We hope this extension will continue to benefit art lovers in Hong Kong and abroad.”


Dr Louis Ng, Museum Director – Hong Kong Palace Museum: “We are proud to be the partner of the ART Power HK. Art empowers people. It is very important for the art community to come together, and support the wider public with art and creativity amid this challenging time.”


Shasha Tittmann, Director – Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong: “It’s incredible to see our community come together at this scale, Hong Kong’s art world is adapting to changes and we look forward to collectively shaping and growing its future together.”


Meg Maggio, Director – Pékin Fine Arts: “I am keeping my finger on the pulse of Hong Kong’s art scene by watching ART Power HK’s online panel talks. These are a great community resource, available and free to all. Please keep up the discussion!”


Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman – Sino Group: “At Sino, we value the importance of arts and culture in fostering creativity and appreciating our heritage. We are delighted to join forces with Hong Kong’s arts community to celebrate our amazing arts scene. The collaborative efforts with Art Power HK and all its partners showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong’s creative power, as well as the positive energy and resilience of our city.”


Rachel Eun Ju Lee, Gallery Owner and Director – Soluna Fine Art: “It is paramount, especially during these uncertain times, that the art industry highlights the keyword ‘community’. Every aspect of the art industry is equally crucial to its collective flourishing – from galleries, museums, institutions, to collectors, curators, and artists. ART Power HK is the platform that has facilitated collaborations and synergy between stakeholders across sectors, such a campaign will bring momentous change to the Hong Kong art scene in the long term.”


Nick Buckley Wood Director, Asia – Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac: “ART Power HK has done some great work in the months since its launch and we are pleased to be able to contribute to their campaign. The platform has proved highly successful in bringing together Hong Kong and international communities, strengthening global ties and engaging audiences through varied content of consistently high quality. As a gallery, our connections with Hong Kong have been developing year on year and we give our full support to ART Power HK as they continue their work into 2021, in both celebration and support of its rich and diverse art scene.”


Ms Suhanya Raffel, Museum Director – M+, ‘The achievement of ART Power HK over the last three months has been the power that collaboration brings to a community. This important commitment brings us together as an art community and it is a pleasure to continue to be part of this initiative.’


Vanessa Cheung, Founder – The Mills, Hong Kong: “Art Power HK has been a monumental synergetic force in forging new modes of exchange and collaboration across Hong Kong and around the world. We are delighted to participate in such a collaborative platform to engage creative dialogues, and allow us to share our positive values and energy with a wider community locally and globally.”


Dr Florian Knothe, Director – University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong:
“The collaboration with ART Power HK offers us the valuable opportunity to present our museum education online and to engage visitors with our digital exhibitions, collection-related videos and do-at-home art projects.”


Mr Paul Tam, Executive Director – Performing Arts of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority: “Arts are an integral part of everyday life. We believe that ‘the show must go on’ and ART Power HK has been an amazing platform to search for imaginative solutions to bring entertainment and solace to local and global audiences.”


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