AP and OpenAI Collaborate: A New Chapter in AI-powered Journalism

A New Chapter in AI-powered Journalism

The partnership aims to leverage the power of AI technology to enhance the news industry.

The Associated Press (AP) and OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, have embarked on a partnership to study the capabilities of generative AI in news products and services. This collaboration will see the exchange of select news content and technology between both entities. 

Generative AI, a subcategory of AI algorithms, is capable of generating diverse content types, such as text, images, audio and synthetic data. This is achieved by crafting new outputs based on the data it has been trained on, making it a potent tool for content creation.

Objectives and implications of the collaboration

OpenAI has obtained a license that allows them to utilize a portion of AP’s vast text archive. In reciprocation, AP will leverage OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology and in-depth product knowledge. This alliance allows both parties to draw upon their well-established expertise in their respective domains. Both AP and OpenAI understand the necessity of applying AI technology ethically and responsibly.

The collaboration also extends AP’s ongoing efforts to bolster its journalism via automation and to aid local news outlets in incorporating similar technologies. Despite these strides, AP continues to exercise caution regarding generative AI standards and currently refrains from employing it in its news stories.

Kristin Heitmann, AP’s Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, states, “Generative AI is a fast-moving space with tremendous implications for the news industry. We are pleased that OpenAI recognizes that fact-based, nonpartisan news content is essential to this evolving technology and that they respect the value of our intellectual property.” Heitmann stressed the need for an environment that guarantees intellectual property protection and fair remuneration for content creators, and where news organizations have a say in the application of technology to journalism.

AP’s ethical journalism and innovation

Established in 1846, AP is a renowned news agency in the United States, delivering unbiased, factual journalism to thousands of members and customers globally. AP has a legacy of safeguarding intellectual property and adhering to journalistic standards and ethics, especially critical when using generative AI for news content.

By upholding journalistic integrity and endorsing the responsible use of AI, AP is actively participating in shaping the future of the news industry. The agency has leveraged AI for nearly a decade to automate mundane tasks and free up journalists for more critical reporting. 

In 2014, AP started automating corporate earnings reports and later expanded its content offerings by automating previews and recaps of certain sporting events. It also uses AI to transcribe audio and video from live events, such as press conferences.

In May 2023, AP introduced an AI-powered search function on AP Newsroom, its multi-format content delivery platform. This feature uses descriptive language to generate accurate and specific results for search queries. Furthermore, through the Local News AI project, funded by the Knight Foundation, AP is aiding local newsrooms in utilizing AI to enhance efficiency, by automating the writing of public safety incidents, transcribing public meetings, and translating weather alerts into Spanish.

OpenAI, under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap, is eager to support and learn from AP’s innovative use of AI in journalism. The feedback from AP, coupled with access to their factual text archive, will assist in enhancing the capabilities and practical applications of OpenAI’s systems.

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Header image courtesy of Pexels

Press release link: https://www.ap.org/press-releases/2023/ap-open-ai-agree-to-share-select-news-content-and-technology-in-new-collaboration


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