Amazon Enhances Prime Benefits with 24/7 One Medical Health Services

Amazon Enhances Prime Benefits

Prime members get a health boost with Amazon’s new One Medical offering.

Amazon has introduced a new benefit for Prime members aimed at facilitating access to high-quality healthcare through a partnership with One Medical. One Medical, now an Amazon company, has been reshaping healthcare experiences, addressing a spectrum of health needs from preventative care to immediate concerns and chronic condition management like diabetes.

New Prime membership health benefit with One Medical

The new benefit under Amazon Prime includes unlimited access to 24/7 virtual care with One Medical. The service includes video consultations with licensed healthcare providers within minutes, along with an in-app “Treat Me Now” feature for swift care concerning common issues like colds, flu, skin problems, allergies, urinary tract infections and more.

This service is available nationwide at no additional cost to Prime members, encompassing various healthcare management features on One Medical’s app, from prescription management to secure messaging with healthcare providers.

In-person and remote primary care services

For Prime members residing near One Medical location, the new benefit enables easy scheduling of same- and next-day remote or in-person appointments at any of One Medical’s primary care offices across the U.S.. These offices are designed to provide a stress-free environment with on-site labs, punctual appointments and extended time with healthcare providers. For office visits, customers can use their insurance or opt for out-of-pocket payments.

Neil Lindsay, Senior Vice President at Amazon Health Services, emphasized the importance of making healthcare easily accessible. He stated that when it is easier for people to get the care they need, the same people engage more in their health and realize better health outcomes.

Affordable membership options

The One Medical benefit is available to Prime members for US$9 per month or US$99 annually, offering savings of up to US$100 off the standard membership fee. Prime members can also add up to five additional family memberships at reduced rates, each costing US$6 per month or US$66 annually.

Comprehensive Prime health benefits

This One Medical benefit is part of Amazon’s broader efforts to enhance healthcare services for Prime members. This includes exclusive access to Amazon Pharmacy benefits such as RxPass and Prime Rx, which offer significant savings on prescriptions and fast medication delivery.

Overall, Amazon’s partnership with One Medical marks a significant step in integrating quality healthcare services into its Prime membership, aiming to make health management more accessible and convenient for its customers.

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