Amazon and Anthropic Partner to Elevate AI Development

Amazon and Anthropic Partner to Elevate AI Development

As part of this investment, Amazon will secure a minority ownership stake in Anthropic.

E-commerce giant Amazon and AI safety and research firm Anthropic have intensified their strategic collaboration to advance safer generative AI technology. Anthropic has chosen AWS as its primary cloud provider and will deploy AWS’s advanced Trainium and Inferentia chips for building, training and deploying its future foundation models, thus exploiting AWS’s secure, scalable and economical services.

Anthropic has made AWS its primary cloud provider for vital operations, such as safety research and the development of foundation models, providing Anthropic access to AWS’s cutting-edge technologies. Anthropic is committed to granting AWS customers access to its foundation models through Amazon Bedrock, allowing secure, industry-leading foundation models’ utilization.

As part of this collaboration, Amazon will invest up to US$4 billion in Anthropic and, in return, will acquire a minority stake in the company. Developers and engineers from Amazon will now have the capability to incorporate Anthropic models via Amazon Bedrock, enriching Amazon’s business spectrum with innovative generative AI applications. This strategic partnership signifies a shared commitment to invest meaningful resources through the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, assisting customers in the deployment of new AI-powered applications using Anthropic’s models, Claude and Claude 2, on Amazon Bedrock.

Applications and customer engagement

Amazon Bedrock customers are already leveraging this enhanced technology, developing AI solutions to automate various tasks such as creating market forecasts and research reports, discovering new drugs and providing highly personalized services. These applications are not only automating mundane tasks but are also significantly boosting efficiency and productivity across industries.

Companies like Lonely Planet, Bridgewater Associates and LexisNexis Legal & Professional are among the enterprises already harnessing this advanced technology. They are using Claude 2 on Amazon Bedrock to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and deliver personalized and secure AI-powered solutions.

Lonely Planet is developing generative AI solutions on AWS to create personalized travel itineraries, reducing itinerary generation costs by nearly 80% and repackaging and personalizing content based on customer preferences. Bridgewater Associates is working with AWS Generative AI Innovation Center to use Amazon Bedrock and Anthropic’s Claude model to create a secure Investment Analyst Assistant that accelerates the research process, allowing analysts more time to understand markets and economies. LexisNexis Legal & Professional is utilizing a custom, fine-tuned Anthropic Claude 2 model to deliver generative AI solutions with cutting-edge encryption, data privacy and safe AI technology.

Executive insights

Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, expressed immense admiration for Anthropic’s team and their foundational models, expressing confidence that their intensified collaboration will significantly enhance customer experiences in the short and long run. Jassy highlighted the enthusiasm around Amazon Bedrock and AWS Trainium among customers, emphasizing that the partnership with Anthropic will maximize the value derived from these innovative capabilities for building generative AI applications and AI training respectively.

Dario Amodei, Co-founder and CEO of Anthropic, shared excitement about utilizing AWS’s Trainium chips for developing forthcoming foundation models and highlighted the substantial organic adoption of Claude since the endorsement of Amazon Bedrock in April. Amodei believes that the expanded partnership will open up unprecedented opportunities for organizations of varying sizes to deploy top-tier, secure AI systems of Anthropic coupled with the superior cloud technology of AWS.

Claude’s capabilities and competitive landscape

An AWS customer since 2021, Anthropic has rapidly risen to become a prominent provider of foundation models worldwide. Its flagship model, Claude, can perform a diverse range of tasks. These tasks span from advanced dialogues and creative content generation to intricate problem-solving and detailed instructions, all while maintaining high reliability and predictability. Its latest model, Claude 2, consistently scores in the top 10% on the GRE reading and writing exams and similarly excels in quantitative reasoning.

Amazon and Anthropic’s commitment to responsible AI development

Both Amazon and Anthropic are actively involved in promoting the responsible and safe development and deployment of AI technologies through their engagement with numerous organizations focused on AI safety and ethics, including the OECD AI working groups, the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They have collectively expressed support for President Biden’s initiatives and other industry commitments aimed at fostering the responsible evolution of AI technology.

With this collaboration, AWS is also enhancing its AI offerings, providing a broad and unique range of services and applications in generative AI. This involves offerings at every layer of generative AI, focusing on customer needs and ensuring secure and seamless integration with their AWS workloads. This collaborative effort between Amazon and Anthropic emphasizes their commitment to making strides in AI development, focusing on safety, security and responsibility while providing innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

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