All roads lead to Malaysia for BaseConf 2020

By Sabrina Wang


ISKANDAR Malaysia – START Malaysia, formerly Startupjohor, is joining forces with Southeast Asia’s popular tech and business news source, Techsauce Media Thailand, to bring BASE Conference 2020 (BaseConf 2020) to this side of Asia on January 15 to 16, 2020.


Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Iskandar Puteri will play host to the two-day conference, which will showcase the local startup scene as well as feature notable personalities in the startup and technology industries in Southeast Asia. Among them are leaders from big-name companies such as Alibaba, Traveloka, Ant Financial, and Techstars to name a few. 


Expected to be in attendance are over 800 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, leaders, founders, and business professionals who are keen on gaining essential knowledge, with the region’s robust tech market as the timely backdrop. Leading investors from Golden Gate Ventures, Quest Ventures, Captii Ventures, and KK Fund are among the roster of industry experts who will share key entrepreneurial insights.


“BaseConf 2020 will be our statement to the country, the region, and the world that there’s a lot of serious innovation going on even in places outside capital cities,” said Feng Lim, START Malaysia CEO, during the initial signing ceremony last October at famous co-working hub IskandarSpace. 


“[BaseConf 2020] can be done in Johor, places like Penang, Melaka, Kuching, and, in fact, any city around the world.”


Event ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet esteemed mentors through workshops and masterclasses. They will also be able to widen their network between and among experts and like-minded peers through directly engaging potential partners, investors, and corporate executives. 



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