AlipayHK Collaborates with McDonald’s Hong Kong to Steer Digital Transformation in Catering Industry

Press Release
AlipayHK Collaborates with McDonald’s Hong Kong to Steer Digital Transformation in Catering Industry
First e-wallet integrated in McDonald’s App for mobile ordering and payment
Exclusive delicious deals for AlipayHK users and mobile wallet technology revolutionizes restaurant operations
AlipayHK debuts virtual KOL AliSa and brings smart living for Hong Kong people
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(April 11, 2019 – Hong Kong) With ubiquitous popularity on cashless payment services, AlipayHK has partnered with a plethora of merchants to engage users to harness the convenience of mobile payment. Today AlipayHK has collaborated with McDonald’s Hong Kong to steer profound digital transformation in catering industry – of which AlipayHK users can use the e-wallets to order gourmet food and pay in McDonald’s App on smartphones. Along with enhanced mobile ordering features in McDonald’s App, AlipayHK users can tap and swipe to enjoy “Exclusive rewards on delicacies”. Be familiar with QR code-based payment system to reap incredible rewards!
First e-wallet integrated in McDonald’s App for mobile ordering and grab delicious deals
With the advent of mobile payment services and big data analytics, restaurants are going full steam on digitalization craze. It is a prominent trend for the food and beverage sector to pursue digital transformation to boost operational efficiency, delivering customers seamless shopping and dining experience. Over the past year, AlipayHK has partnered with numerous merchants and restaurants to offer customers electronic coupons and stamps endlessly and to go green by using digital coupons. With McDonald’s launch of self-service ordering kiosks and mobile ordering, customers have appreciated the novelty and convenience of ordering scrumptious foods anywhere.
It is an unrivalled convenience and unparalleled experience for AlipayHK customers to use the e-wallets integrated in McDonald’s App for placing orders. AlipayHK has strived to foster brand new consuming trend by embracing mobile wallet services – powered by futuristic technology – in Hongkongers’ daily lives. It has co-operated with McDonald’s to roll out “Exclusive rewards on delicacies” in McDoanld’s restaurants citywide, fostering mobile ordering and checkout as well as forging mobile payment as most preferred payment tool in Hong Kong.
Ms. Jennifer Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited, said, “AlipayHK expects that mobile payment services are geared to extensive and in-depth applications and development through the latest co-operation with McDonald’s Hong Kong. Currently, Alipay customers can use the e-wallets to make payment in nearly 10,000 restaurants. In collaboration with McDonald’s Hong Kong, AlipayHK hopes the initiative will help spearhead and incentivize more restaurants to engage in digital transformation in food and beverage sector. It will surely let customers gain bespoke experience and amazing convenience on mobile ordering and payment, turning the concept of smart living a reality.”
Ms. Randy Lai, Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Hong Kong, said, “We have been committed to expanding our electronic payment platform to give customers’ unparalleled experience with McDonald’s in recent years. Since our collaboration with AlipayHK last year, customers have greatly enjoyed various special and incredible offers. To enhance co-operation, AlipayHK e-wallet is available in McDonald’s App for mobile ordering and payment from today, along with paying with credit cards and cash. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to AlipayHK for giving full support to McDonald’s Hong Kong and a wide array of exclusive offers to our customers. We will be dedicated to bringing our customers the next generation of premium restaurant experience.”
AlipayHK debuts virtual KOL AliSa and leads Hong Kong people to immerse in smart living
AlipayHK officially debuted its first beloved virtual KOL “AliSa” to bring Hong Kong people close together to explore future living. The well-loved virtual character AliSa literally means “happiness” and “pleasure” in Hebrew language. The beloved and delightful AliSa has truly lived up to make your life hassle free with cheers and fun everyday.


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