Accelerated Regeneration of Chronic Non-Healing Wounds

Kuala Lumpur, 10th March 2020 ‒ Cell Tissue Technology (CellTissue), a homegrown Tissue Engineering firm and an Advanced Medical Technology-based company, has developed a solution – CelltiSS Activator – to address the growing issue of Chronic Non-Healing Wound Ulcers in Malaysia. The solution not only regenerates new healthy cells but also accelerates the wound recovery process.


The CelltiSS Activator contains a high concentration of human stem cells-derived growth factors which are essential in the wound healing process as they reactivate dormant cells. It is these quiescent cells caused by diabetes or auto-immune diseases, among others, delayed or impeded the healing process. Once applied directly to a non-healing wound, the solution essentially wakes these cells up to effectively jumpstart the healing process. The wound will then be covered with a dressing to prevent any risk of infections. This product can be used most notably to help Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) and bedsore patients in their recovery.


“Living with open wounds which don’t heal is a harrowing ordeal. Patients with Chronic Non-Healing Wound Ulcers are constantly living in fear of infections and potentially losing their limbs. The CelltiSS Activator aims to help with that, and we have seen some incredible results so far, with noticeable wound recovery in just two weeks after the initial application,” explains Dr Khairul Baharin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of Cell Tissue Technology.


A Solution for Diabetics and Bed Sore Patients


Typically, cuts and abrasions are treated by cleaning the affected area, applying an adhesive bandage and waiting for the wound to heal naturally. However, there are some people- diabetics, in particular- whose wounds do not heal within a reasonable timeframe. In the case of diabetics, the delay in the healing process can be a severe complication because exposed wounds in the form of Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) often lead to infection which could, in turn, result in amputation of the limb or death[1]. With DFUs making up 70% of wound cases here in Malaysia[2], Cell Tissue Technology’s CelltiSS Activator aims to provide early intervention, thus preventing further loss of limbs in their fight against this silent killer.


“With approximately 3.6 million Malaysians currently suffering from diabetes and its effects, we foresee that delicate wound care and recovery, among other services, will be greatly needed in Malaysia. As our solution is merely applied topically onto the wounds, the process is simple, and patients are given peace of mind during the recovery process,” adds Dr. Khairul.


Additionally, the CelltiSS Activator can also be used to help patients recover from injuries resulting in massive skin loss and chronic bedsores, another common predicament found in diabetic patients. With an accelerated recovery period of an average of 2 weeks instead of three to six months, patients will no longer have to go through extended periods of pain and exposure to bacteria.


Currently, the CelltiSS Activator is available for elective use by patients at private and government medical institutions and hospitals across Malaysia including Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) and Sungai Buloh Hospital. The solution will soon be available at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) upon consultation by certified healthcare professionals.


To find out more, please contact the Celltiss Activator’s exclusive distributor, Mednova Sdn Bhd at [email protected]




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