A Near-Amputation Leads to Face Mask Innovation with Copper Antimicrobial Protection

The MOIcu+ face mask employs the technology of infusing copper ions into fabrics, and this copper infusion could inactivate bacteria and virus that come into contact with it.


The idea to create an everyday item that could protect loved ones from bacteria and viruses came about after the father of one of the founders had a close brush with death from a bacterial infection. When a subsequent bacterial infection on a small wound caused by the MRSA superbug almost led to a leg amputation, the founders felt it was imperative to find simple ways to protect loved ones from potentially life-threatening pathogens. One such way involved something that could be quickly adapted for use in daily activities – the face mask.


A study published on The New England Journal of Medicine on 17 March 2020 found that “on copper, no viable SARS-CoV-2 was measured after 4 hours”, while the outer layer of surgical masks could allow the virus to survive on it for up to 7 days. Due to its proven biocidal properties, it is the first and only solid antimicrobial metal surface material approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with public health claims.


When the COVID-19 pandemic started in the midst of this research, the founders are pioneers in Singapore to utilize copper’s proven anti-microbial effectiveness in a technology that infuses copper ions into fabrics. They made copper-infused reusable masks that are easy to breath and moisture wicking in hot and humid place like Singapore.


The MOIcu+ mask is an affordable and much more comfortable alternative to surgical and other reusable masks – it offers efficient and vital protection for the community during this trying time.


MOIcu+ masks are available online at https://moicu.me. They are also available for Indonesia and Malaysia consumers.


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