MobiJuce, Hong Kong’s Shared Power Bank Rental Service, Has Passed 1 Million Rental Minutes

June 19, Hong Kong – In just a little more than 6 months of operation, Hong Kong’s first shared power bank rental service MobiJuce™ has passed 1 million rental minutes. The App-based platform is fully automated and now conveniently servicing at 44 locations, including all AEON stores, K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Grand Plaza and Gala Place in Mongkok, Yoho Mall in Yuen Long, Causeway Bay Plaza II, California Tower and Landmark in Central.

As MobiJuce™ continues to expand its service and add new spots, on the occasion of celebrating the first million minute milestone, MobiJuce™ will incentivize old and new users with shopping coupons. From now on until 31st July, 2018, MobiJuce™ users can convert their rental usage into cash coupons. For details of the program please refer to the MobiJuce™ Facebook Page.


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