10 Venture Leaders Fintech Startups from Switzerland Prepare for 6-Day Roadshow in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

10 Venture Leaders Fintech Startups from Switzerland Prepare for 6-Day Roadshow in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Shanghai, October 2019 – Venture Leaders Fintech 2019, co-organized by Venturelab and swissnex China, will take place from November 3rd to 9th, where the 10 leading Swiss Fintech startups will participate in the Hong Kong Fintech Week, the world’s first cross-border fintech conference, as well as mentoring workshops, investors meetings, pitching events and visits in Hong Kong and Shenzhen ecosystems. The Swiss National Fintech Team was chosen by a jury of professional investors and experts.
For the first edition of Venture Leaders Fintech in Hong Kong, swissnex China is proud to be leading a high-quality delegation of top Swiss startups for a roadshow that will span 6 days in the Pearl River Delta, one of the world’s most dynamic regions. The fundraising roadshow offers the startups unparalleled exposure and insight into the local ecosystem, along with gaining access to mentoring opportunities, connecting with investors and getting exclusive insights from industry experts. Key highlights include the primely-located Swiss Fintech Pavilion at the Hong Kong Fintech Week, the red-sail harbor Pitch Cruise, and the Fintech Sky Pitching on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre.
The Venture Leaders program has introduced the Swiss National Startup Teams to leading investors and potential customers in technology hubs in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, China and Barcelona for 19 years. Last year, Swiss fintech startups raised more than USD 100 million in venture capital, fueling their ambitions to grow and go global.
Now is the perfect timing to fundraise in Hong Kong since the fintech market there is experiencing an impressive booming phase. While China remains the largest fintech marketplace in the world, Hong Kong serves as the central hub where the rest of the world, including Southeast Asia, will connect to the burgeoning sector of finance. “Hong Kong has a vibrant innovation ecosystem with 4 startup unicorns out of its 550 fintech companies. Swiss fintech startups have much expertise and are well-prepared to tap into Hong Kong’s rich fintech ecosystem full of opportunities.” said Dr. Felix Moesner, Science Consul & CEO of swissnex China, the Science Consulate of Switzerland.
Recent success stories of the Venture Leaders Fintech program include Qumram (acquired by US software group Dynatrace), TradePlus24 (raised USD 220 million), Knip (acquired by Digital Insurance Group), Advanon (raised USD 13.5 million), Switzerlend (raised USD 6 million) and many more.
Venture Leaders Fintech 2019 is organized by Venturelab and swissnex China and supported by digitalswitzerland, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Finance 2.0, IMMOMIG, PostFinance, Presence Switzerland, Redalpine, Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong, Walder Wyss, Canton of Zurich and Zühlke Engineering Hong Kong.
Venture Leaders Fintech winners 2019
Billte | Andrea Girasole | billte.ch | Zurich
Processing and tracking paper invoices is expensive and time consuming. Billte digitizes and automatizes companies’ entire billing process. The Zurich-based startup already works with insurer Generali in Switzerland and is looking to expand into Indonesia this year.
Crypto Finance | Jan Brzezek | cryptofinance.ch | Zug
Implementing blockchain technology can be difficult for financial institutions and investors. Crypto Finance, Switzerland’s first and only FINMA-regulated asset manager for crypto assets, offers exposure to reputable and regulated products in the crypto asset class via its own brokerage and fund.
Loanboox | Andi Burri | loanboox.com | Zurich
Debt capital markets are intransparent and public sector authorities seekings loans once-in-a-generation ill-positioned to understand them. Loanboox’s independent debt capital platform simplifies the comparability of interest rates and legal clauses to allow municipalities and companies close deals with banks and institutional investors online.
Orca | Tomas Hurcik | orca.xyz | Zurich
Over the next seven years the largest transition of wealth ever is due to take place. The next generation of high- and ultra-high-net-worth individuals is digitally native and requires tools that balance their privacy with the need to share digital information with family, advisors and service providers. Orca’s zero-knowledge platform is the single point of contact for coordinating this flow of information for individual and corporate clients.
Pexapark | Michael Waldner | pexapark.com | Schlieren
Renewable energy sales have become more complex and volatile as governments reduce subsidies. At the same time installed renewable capacity is set to double in the next five years. Pexapark’s complete revenue management solution for renewables gives investors and renewable-energy-asset owners a single place to price energy sales, close transactions and monitor their energy risks.
Raized.AI | Penny Schiffer | raized.ai | Zurich
Venture capitalists need to manually review hundreds of pitchdecks before finding an investment, and startups pitch hundreds of VCs before winning funding. Raized.AI uses artificial intelligence to improve dealflow for VCs, to help the market clear more efficiently. The Zurich-based SaaS startups looks to expand its pilot customer base into three countries this year.
Tokenestate | Vincent Trouche | tokenestate.io | Geneva
Traditional processes to manage and verify investors in private companies and real-estate are obsolete, which makes it difficult to trade these assets in secondary markets. Tokenestate originates deals and offers digital securities – the digital representation of regulated financial instruments – on its own platform. The Neuchatel-based also helps startups and SMEs to manage their own token-sales, executing its first digital sale last year.
turicode | Martin Keller | turicode.com | Zurich
Eighty percent of business-relevant data is unstructured, much of it locked inside the 2.5 trillion PDFs created every year. In the financial industry document-heavy processes are considered part of the daily routine and often outsourced to humans in lower-wage countries. turicode uses machine-learning to train its information retrieval software MINT.extract to analyze documents more quickly and accurately.
vestr | Simon Hasenfratz | vestr.com | Zurich
Actively managed certificates are a growing class of structured products, whose dynamism makes them difficult for banks to manage and scale. Vestr’s b-to-b platform simplifies this for financial institutions and their customers. The startup, with investors including the Swiss Stock exchange, aims to have more than a billion francs in assets on the platform by end of the year.
vlot | Daniel Schmidheiny | vlot.ch | Zurich
The complexity of modern social security systems is compounded by citizens having more dynamic employment and family lives. Understanding their own life insurance needs has become a big challenge. Vlot’s software evaluates a family’s or individual’s life insurance coverage needs and helps financial institutions advise them better.
About swissnex China
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