個由香港媽媽組織的媽媽創業家培育計劃 ~ MOMs4MOMs: A fellowship program for all HK moms, by HK moms





香港[2020年4月] 非牟利團體-香港創業媽媽將於本年9月12日正式推行首屆媽媽創業家培育計劃。該計劃將邀請香港各階層媽媽們參與一起學習和交流。計劃的特色亦會迎合不同國籍和階層媽媽的需要,一起探討本年度香港創業媽媽的主題《母限》。










小彬紀念基金創辦人兼行政總裁 馬夏邐女士 MBE 分享他對少數族裔母親學習創業的重要性:「若需要我去分享少數族裔婦女面臨的挑戰,實屬眾多。婦女們要去兼顧孩子們教育,同時也要處理各項家中事務,也需要互相幫助。當上媽媽的時候我們才會懂得運用創新的方式去解決日常生活上的種種問題,而創業精神就是在當中培育出來。」


香港創業媽媽是香港首個支援媽媽繼續追尋理想的非牟利團體。我們希望透過給予婦女學習創業,兼顧家庭事業和社區服務的生活,從而獲得自主獨立的能力。要了解更多有關香港創業媽媽的資料請瀏覽 www.hkmomtrepreneurs.com




若閣下想了解更多有關以上的資料請聯絡王茵媚9500-3143 或電郵: hello@hkmomtrepreneurs.com






Contact: Priyanka Maheshwari/ Lena Wong

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs

Phone: 6071-2166/ 9500-3143

Email: priyanka@asgoodas.org / hello@hkmomtrepreneurs.com


MOMs4MOMs an initiative by HK Momtrepreneurs


A fellowship program for all HK moms, by HK moms


HONG KONG (April 2020): Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, a non-profit organisation, is launching its flagship fellowship program on September 12, 2020. The fellowship program will include a tapestry of women that make up the diverse city of Hong Kong and will be designed to ensure interactive participation and group learning. The more privileged, under-privileged, local, expat and ethnic minority women will come together to explore topics under ‘Embracing Motherhood – without boundaries’, the theme for 2020.


Mother is the soul of the family – a mother is often the CEO, CFO, chef to the janitor of the household. She also plays an important position as a role model for the children. Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs (HKM) is the first non profit organization Hong Kong supporting busy mothers to continue having their venture to be the figures for the next generation.


The fellowship program will be designed to teach and support mother entrepreneurs. Through seminars, workshops, group projects and mentorship opportunities, the women will come together to explore topics of change, learning, well-being, relationships, work and eco-sustainability. At the end of the program, fellows will present their team project at HKM’s flagship event in May 2021 and the outstanding fellows will be granted internship opportunities working with corporate among HKM networks.


“Mothers are often neglected with learning opportunities; mothers should be granted with all the possibilities in their journey of discovery, unlearning and relearning. Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is proud to pioneer the first cohort of MOMs4MOMs Fellowship Program to bring to moms from all walks of life together in learning more Motherhood and Entrepreneurship. We are also delighted to offer Internship Opportunities to the most outstanding fellows from the program,” shares Lena Wong, Founder and Executive Director of Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs.


With the great support from organizations such as The Women’s Foundation and The Zubin Foundation, HKM has received overwhelming responses on its efforts on women empowerment through education on Motherhood and Entrepreneurship.


Shalini Mahtani, MBE, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, of The Zubin Foundation, on the topic of the importance of entrepreneurship and motherhood in Ethnic Minority communities states, “If i look at the need for marginalized Ethnic Minorities, there is a need for so much. There is a need for women who are involved in the education for their children to look at the provision of books, extracurricular activities, the provision of helping each other. Only when you are in that position as a mother, do you think of what your children need and what your household might need and therefore you can think of creative ways for solving for those problems.”


Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is the first non profit organization in Hong Kong supporting busy mothers to continue with their ventures. We empower women to have the achievement and self fulfilment in balancing their families, careers and community via entrepreneurship and mentorship. For more about Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, please visit www.hkmomtrepreneurs.com


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