Microsoft Invests US$1.5B in G42 to Boost Global AI and Cloud Technologies

Microsoft has recently made a move in the AI realm with a hefty US$1.5 billion investment in G42, a prominent AI technology holding company based in the UAE. This investment aims to bolster the collaboration between the two entities, facilitating the introduction of Microsoft AI technologies and educational initiatives in the UAE and other global markets. Additionally, Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft, will join the G42 Board of Directors as part of the expanded partnership.

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How Can Cities Manage Traffic Effectively with AI?

In metropolitan areas around the world, traffic congestion is a nightmare for many. It wastes our time, ramps up our stress and exacerbates pollution. To combat this major headache, there might be a promising solution on the horizon: artificial intelligence (AI). Many urban areas are already turning to AI-powered tools like responsive streetlights and systems that predict traffic patterns to smooth out the bumps in our daily commutes. Given the adaptability of AI, these systems can learn and improve over time, refining their algorithms to meet the distinct needs of different cities.

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