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What’s missing from Hong Kong’s coworking scene?

As Hong Kong’s coworking scene continues to grow, (it grew to nearly 30 new spaces in 2 years, wow!) old and new spaces alike will face greater competition and will need to look for ways to innovate. Innovating is about rethinking all the existing rules of work, combining old and new in unexpected ways, and about being aware of the changing needs of workers in the 21st century. If you are running a coworking space or thinking of opening a new one, you need to be asking yourself this one important question – what can you offer that makes you different? Here are some of the most interesting coworking trends happening at the moment, across the globe.

Coworking Spaces with Daycare

“Being at work means being away from your toddler, unless that is you combine the office and childcare.” Fast Company, Jan 2014

In recent years, considerable importance has been placed on achieving harmony between raising a family and having a career. Coworking spaces with childcare areas are, as a result, proving to be increasingly popular; not least because they help improve the life/work balance of busy parent-entrepreneurs. There are now a number of such places around the world that popped up in recent years.

Coworking with childcareCoworking Space with Childcare

Coworking Spaces with on-site Accommodation

In today’s digital age, it’s not unusual for people to conduct their business across large distances. Whilst most business can be managed online, there will inevitably be occasions where travel is necessary. Coworking spaces that provide on-site accommodation offer a wonderful perk for entrepreneurs who don’t want to commute far after a long day at the office.

Niche Coworking Spaces

One of the most exciting trends that the world is seeing at the moment is the rise of entrepreneurs who are turning their hobbies and unique skills into businesses. Often, however, these workers don’t have a large start-up budget, and will be actively seeking space where they can develop their business without investing in working space of their own. Crafties and Dim Sum Labs definitely have the right idea! Here are some examples niche coworking models around the world

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable coworking spaces – GreenSpaces, New York; Denver, Colorado
  • Women-only coworking spaces – InGoodCompany, New York. HeraHub, San Diego
  • 3-D coworking Space – Mak3d is a a coworking space for 3-d designers.
  • Coworking space with religious flair, run by a pastor in Minnesota, called Lydia’s Place. Their tagline is“god works in collaborative ways” – brilliant! Pastor Scott Simmons “sees a unique alignment between this emerging cooperative work culture and the mission and goals of people of faith.”

Mak3D Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 6.19.16 PM

Coworking Spaces with Incredible Perks

Most entrepreneurs will agree that wanting a better quality of life is why they went into entrepreneurship in the first place. Here are some examples of coworking spaces that are adding incredible ‘extras’ to improve the quality of life for their members.

  • Fitness + coworking. Brooklyn Boulders – This space in Massachusetts has an on-site gym and a climbing wall.
  • Video blogging studio, dry cleaning services, massage day. Free Range, Chicago. Wonder if they got these ideas from Google?
  • Height adjustable desks from Awesome HQ, New Zealand
  • Coworking + yoga? Both are hot items at the moment, so why not combine them? Bread and Yoga, Manhattan
  • Highly exclusive, (read expensive!) luxury coworking space with on-site restaurant  and posh environment $1,600 USD. Neuehouse, New York. They plan to open up 20 locations around the world by 2020.
  • On-site infinity pool. Pack your bags and move to Singapore to join HiredTurf
  • Organic garden with vegetables in Brussels Belgium at Factory Forty
  • Meditation and massage room, at CityCoHo, Philadelphia

Factory Forty, Brussels HiredTurf, Infinity Pool, Singapore Neuehouse coworkingBrooklyn Boulders

Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces

Many workers don’t like leaving their four legged friends alone at home whilst they go out to work, a fact which is definitely being recognized by coworking spaces. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your pet to work with you? “I really think more offices should be pet-friendly as it really improves the vibe of the place—gives the place more life and a fun attitude!” David Walker, Conjunctured “In June, Trupanion launched a survey to find out what people think about pets in the workplace. Of the 134 survey respondents, of which 97% owned at least one pet, almost half (43%) said a pet-friendly workplace is a factor in choosing where they would like to work. 86% said that they think more highly of a company if it’s pet-friendly. ” Office Today Bring your pet to work:

Free Coworking Spaces

For workers on a tight budget, free coworking spaces are incredibly appealing. Free coworking spaces, we hear you say? Believe it or not, we found a few and it looks likely that free coworking spaces will soon start popping up in Hong Kong. Although space is expensive, companies will do it for exposure.

  • Wix Lounge in New York offers free desk and event space for entrepreneurs. They’ve been opened since 2010, and no doubt this has been an excellent platform for them to promote their product.
  • Also, in New York, SoTechie provides free coworking on Fridays
  • In Seattle Washington, there’s a free home-based coworking space (on Wednesdays only) run by 2 artists and cats. Collective Self


This list will continue to grow and expand as we spot new trends. If you have anything to add, email us at [email protected] Last updated July 02, 2014

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