Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What is the most important thing you have learnt from attending RISE?

“Building awareness for our website” – Anang Rofandy,, Indonesia
“I should have brought a teammate with me, I am the only one here to man my stall. Also, the importance of connecting beforehand with someone local to help with translation.” – Bilal Khalifeh, InsideJob Management JLT, UAE

“Networking opportunities not just with investors, but also other startups around us; partnership and collaboration opportunities” – Renggo Adjue, Locker Group, Indonesia

“Networking, new technology, new perspective, interesting partnership models” – Izzat Shukurov,, Uzbekistan

“Seeing how others are doing in the education space, not only in Hong Kong, but also in India and other countries” – Amy Pan, Natives, Hong Kong 

“The importance of truly empathising with your target audience and getting marketing right” – Jason Boey, Gobble Pte Ltd, Singapore

“Be prepared and plan ahead of the event how you will pitch or sell your company, how you will display it at your stall” – Feryanto Njomin, BajaiApp, Hong Kong

“To be open minded and stay positive despite criticisms on the pitching stage – be brave enough to put yourself out of your comfort zone” – Andrew Katzwinkel, FomoTravel, South Africa

If your brand, product and services are unique, people flock to you; the confluence of people sharing services” – Saurav Shaw, The Gene Box, India

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Robyn Evans Cunningham
By Robyn Evans Cunningham. Robyn is a freelance Startup consultant, leveraging her combination of Hong Kong tech startup & investment banking experience to provide business services to entrepreneurs.   Recently she worked with Lamplight Analytics, leading the development of a business proposition for Financial and Service sector clients for their social media analytics platform. Prior to moving to Hong Kong last year, Robyn had a 10-year career in emerging market corporate and investment banking, working for the Standard Bank Group in London. She is a Director of her family’s agribusiness company in South Africa, Rhys Evans Group, a Trustee of the UK Fund for Charities, and has a Masters (MPhil) degree in Economics from Oxford University.  

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