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What Happened To Those New Year’s Resolutions?



By Jaslyn Koh | Most of us can identify with having a new year resolution that aligns with health and fitness, but life frequently gets in the way. We get busy with work, family, and social commitments. We travel. We miss our gym session for one day, which turns into one week, then one month, then–well, you get the idea. Soon enough, it feels impossible to jump back on that bandwagon. Sounds familiar?


Often, the reason for allowing our health regimes to take a back seat isn’t due to laziness, but lack of time and energy at the end of a workday. Consequently, we burn out and are never fully present in the activities we commit to.


Self-care is imperative to achieving our personal goals and career ambitions, and the good news is we can leverage technology to transform our wellness rituals because we can all use a bit of help, after all.


Strong body


One thing that’s seemingly easy to achieve, but would appear to be a near impossible task for much of the working population is getting those eight hours of sleep. Start by identifying the issue, whether it’s getting to sleep or staying asleep, and then pinpoint which tools suit your needs best.


White noise or soothing sound applications like Noisli can help users fall asleep. It’s possible to feel tired even after getting enough hours if sleep quality is poor, so apps like Sleep Cycle can help track sleep efficiency–such as the percentage of REM sleep–by measuring resting heart rate using wearables like Fitbit or smart ring Oura.


For those who don’t find working out to be particularly fun, there are platforms innovating experiences to make workouts more engaging. For example, Les Mills uses virtual reality in their immersive studio fitness instruction and Kaia uses AI-powered motion tracking in their fitness app to help users nail that squat, pain-free and with better form.


Lastly, it’s essential to know how to make smarter workout decisions. For frequent travelers, there are countless audio and video training programs at their disposal for a small subscription fee. Nike+’s free training app is packed with efficient workouts that require no equipment and allows users to move with Serena Williams to Ellie Goulding hits.


Peloton is also leading the charge with IoT home-fitness equipment and content, where users can play thousands of live and pre-recorded fitness classes from the comfort of their living room.


Strong mind


At times, what we really need is a moment of pause to reflect and regain clarity. Apps now provide an array of solutions for today’s highly stressed workforce. Notable platforms include meditation and mindfulness app Headspace, brain training tool Lumosity, and Shine Text, which sends positive messages of affirmation to the user.


Too much of anything is bad, so it’s crucial to cultivate a healthy relationship with technology and know when to disconnect. Now that Apple has embraced the digital wellness trend by implementing ‘screen time’ reports on iPhones, it can act as a first step to being more conscious of how we’re spending our time on, and decrease digital consumption as needed.


Strong connections


For those who struggle with staying committed to their health goals, connecting with a like-minded buddy or finding your tribe might do the trick. From holding each other accountable about showing up at the gym to reducing the intake of sugary foods, people are often surprised by how much progress they can make just by not going at it alone.


According to Harvard Medical School’s article titled “The health benefits of strong relationships,” social connections “influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet, and not smoking” and “people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.” Looks like it’s time to get social.


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Jaslyn Koh is the Founder of – a social platform to meet like-minded people over health and fitness. Create a free profile, browse SweatBuddy profiles and connect over similar lifestyles, gyms and healthy cafe hangouts, even while traveling. She also started The Busy Woman Project, a lifestyle brand and community empowering women in Asia to lead their best lives.

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