Thursday, April 9, 2020

Validata enhances risk-based testing for Temenos Core Banking

London, UK, 4th Arpil 2017 – Validata Group announces today new features available in its Quality Suite, that help clients better assess the risk and impact of planned changes to critical business processes resulting from Temenos T24 patches, enhancement packs, upgrade and new apps.
The new capabilities help clients to focus their resources and staff more efficiently and to quickly mitigate risk and test changes better. Enabling business change and quickly comprehend the business risk associated with changes in T24 environments.

The new feature validates the end-to-end business process based changes in the pack with Continuous Analysis and faster time to test with higher quality. Now the business can have an active role in change management and easily understand the business processes potentially impacted by the changes.

  • Impact identification
  • Coverage comparison
  • Identify gaps and prioritise test automation

These new enhancements enable us to give answers to critical questions such as, how can we manage business risk and identify how many business risks – related events are associated with that service or defect or environment issues. The solution contains automated processes which make it possible to cut the time to deploy development and testing environments from months to hours. It speeds development and testing as well as improves quality.

“Fast Innovation, development and deployment of quality software can have a great impact on business results. We are looking to boost our customers’ innovation and competitiveness through DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices”, explains Vaios Vaitsis, Founder and CEO at Validata Group.

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