Monday, March 30, 2020


Smallest way to get the biggest luggage space


By Min Chen


As someone who hates waiting at baggage claims, I try to avoid checking in luggage at all costs. But packing light can be a challenge for longer trips, so a bit of help is sometimes needed. 


VAGO is a device that compresses clothing and other soft items by vacuuming out the air from a storage bag, allowing you to fit up to 50% more stuff into your suitcase. 


While vacuum storage bags are nothing new, VAGO’s compact design is what helps it stand out from the rest. It only measures 70 mm in length and weighs 85 grams, making it an easy addition to any trip. It can also be charged using a micro USB, so no travel adapter is required for use on-the-go. 



VAGO is extremely easy to operate: place your items into the storage bag, seal the ziplock closure, screw the device onto the bag’s attachment, plug it into a socket or power bank, press the ‘on’ button (which will switch on the orange light), and wait for the compressor to do its job (after which the light will turn green). 


It’s convenient that the device has a smart sensor, so it turns off after the bag has been fully compressed. One downside is that it can take longer than expected for the air to be vacuumed from the bag–a few minutes depending on the size–but this is understandable given VAGO’s size. Also, compressed clothing will naturally be more creased once it’s removed from the bag, which is something to consider. 


VAGO is a great travel companion for families or those who love to shop while on vacation. The device is currently available in black, white, pink, and purple, and comes with one medium-sized bag. 


You can purchase VAGO in various online and offline retailers, and pre-orders are available on the VAGO website. Prices start at SGD 99 (US$ 73). –MC


Photos courtesy of VAGO. 

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