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‘Tank Stream Labs’ Partners With ‘Werk 1’ In Germany 

  • Tank Stream Labs signs partnership with co-working space Werk1 in Munich, Germany.
  • Werk1 runs the largest insurtech accelerator in Europe, which is backed by 10 large insurance companies including Alliance & Munich RE.
  • Leading tech hub ‘Tank Stream Labs’ voted #1 co-working space in Australia. Now have more than 400 companies in its network with two hubs in Sydney and one in Perth.

Hong Kong, May 11 2018 | Leading tech and co-working hub, Tank Stream Labs today announced that its partnership with Europe’s largest insurtech accelerator has resulted in Australian insurtech startup ClaimSpacebeen selected to enter the premier European program.

“The partnership between Tank Stream Labs and Werk1 in Germany has enabled our insurtech companies to be considered for this leading international program,” Tank Stream Labs, CEO, Brad Delamare said.

“Its vital that our hub has the international relationships critical for Australian startups to accelerate globally. We will continue to partner with global hubs that can enhance the development of Australian startup businesses.

“ClaimSpace have now been informed that they have been selected as 1 of the 10 global insurtech companies to enter the renowned program,” Brad Delamare said.

ClaimSpace is a platform for service providers to efficiently communicate and engage with their customers during the claims process. It provides greater transparency in knowing the status of the claim and efficiencies in processing.

ClaimSpace CEO and Co-founder, Gilberto Spencer said, “We’re extremely excited to participate in the Werk1 accelerator program. This partnership has provided a gateway to work directly with insurance companies in Europe, opening up the door into one of the largest insurance markets, while also showcasing the best of Australian Insurtech on the global stage.

Delamare said this announcement follows a busy start to the first half of 2018 for Tank Stream Labs, with the opening of a West Coast hub in Perth, expansion into a second Sydney hub and the recent appointment of Shark Tank Judge Andrew Banks, co-founder of Morgan and Banks and founder of Talent 2 International as the hub’s ‘entrepreneur in residence’.

“As our startup members continue to commercialise and look to accelerate globally it’s important that we continue to provide new networks for our members to achieve this.

“We now have more than 400 members in our network to connect and collaborate with. Our focus will be to continue finding new ways to support the growth potential and collaboration of our members,” Brad Delamare said.

About Tank Stream Labs
Established in 2012, Tank Stream Labs has rapidly distinguished itself as one of Australia’s top breeding grounds for successful technology entrepreneurs, thought leaders and early adopters. Approximately 100 companies call Tank Stream Labs home, including Equitise, StockSpot and Buzzfeed. Tank Stream Labs alumni include Airtasker, Expert360, LawPath, Braintree and SurveyMonkey.

Australian-based Tank Stream Labs companies have so far raised more than $300 million in funding. International companies with Australian subsidiaries based at Tank Stream Labs have raised more than $2 billion globally. In 2017, Tank Steam Labs won, the Best Co-Working Space in Australia by Fin-Tech Australia.

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