Monday, March 30, 2020

Startup Launchpad Edition – Interview with OPUS ONE

*OPUS ONE is one of the exhibitors of Startup [email protected] Sources 2017

1) Can you tell us more about OPUS ONE?

How do you view the world? People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

‘OPUS ONE’ is a musical expression denoting the first composition within the masterwork of a composer. Imagine how maestros like Mozart and Beethoven created their first compositions, with great passion and dedication. Our goal is to create game-changing IoT Devices with the same type of passion and dedication. And we believe our masterworks will help create a whole new lifestyle for the connected world. Some people say IoT does everything with the internet connection. We don’t want to add many features to one product, but instead, we do want to focus on just one feature which changes the object’s identity entirely and it creates something new. We desire to create and launch sth completely unique, sth that gets us excited, and sth that is beneficial for all OPUS ONE users.

Opus One is the world’s first smart umbrella manufacturer to develop IoT products based on its unique design and differentiated technology. Starting with Jonas, Smart Umbrella, we are expanding our product line to reach to our clients.



2) Can you tell us the special feature of OPUS ONE and how does it work? 


– Weather Forecast – Preventing Loss & Theft – Incoming Call/Message Notification – Finding a Phone – Operating under BLE (Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy) System with Long Battery Life (1~2 yrs)

Example how to use

You can get…. – today’s weather at the front door. When it rains or snow today, the red LED will turn on. – alert when you leave either umbrella or phone. – incoming call & message notice. – To find your phone, just shake JONAS a few times, then the phone makes an alarm sound.

3) What are your target markets at the moment?

Young Minded Early Adaptors in all countries !!!!!!!!! 🙂

4) A few words about exhibiting at Startup Launchpad @Global Sources

I found most buyer’s expectations for the start of the start-up steels have been raised.

After deciding the participation in the Startup Launchpad, we were fully focusing on Buyer invitation in advance; and at the site meeting with a new subcontractor in Europe, we signed the contract and got a US$40,000 of the Smart Umbrella. The export has already been completed on last week after the remittance. Therefore, we’re expecting the fast market access (Sales out) and more performance to the end users.

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