Sunday, May 31, 2020



The most affordable smart stylus on the market


By Min Chen


Advancements in hardware have transformed the digital art space, allowing a new medium for illustrators and designers. However, like most new technologies, accessibility is an issue, where many creatives and hobbyists can’t afford the necessary tools. 


SonarPen Founder Elton Leung wanted to find a solution to this problem by creating the most affordable smart stylus on the market. With a background in mechanical engineering and computer science, Leung spent two years developing the product, which only costs US$34.50. 


SonarPen is a solid alternative to its pricier competitors. It features pressure sensing, palm rejection, and a shortcut button. It connects directly to your device’s audio port, so it doesn’t require charging, and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The downside is you can’t use headphones when using the device, and the tip–which is a tiny plastic disk–takes some getting used to. 


With the SonarPen costing around one-fifth the price of the Apple Pencil 2, it’s sure to open doors for budding artists or students who would’ve otherwise not taken the plunge in purchasing a stylus. I can’t speak to its usability for professionals, but I was impressed by how easy it was to use for a novice. 


The SonarPen is compatible with a number of apps, which are listed on the website. It is available on Amazon and in a range of colors. –MC


Photo courtesy of SonarPen.

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